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  1. I’m by no means a mechanic but here’s my thoughts. Its possible your catalytic converter was so overly clogged that it could cause an undue amount of back pressure. I would think you notice this though because the boat would have been very sluggish and you’d burn a lot more fuel. Its also possible you have a burned valve, which would explain low compression in that cylinder. If unburned fuel leaks past the valve then that unburned fuel could damage the catalytic convertor. And finally, how was it determined that you need an entire engine rebuild and not just the head rebuilt?!
  2. I ended up ordering it from the dealership. I think it cost around $119 or so and got it in three weeks
  3. Anyone ever used a cushion style hitch like the Curt Rebellion XD or the Rockerball? Towing a ‘15 B52 23 behind a 2021 Yukon. It’s seems to porpoise more than I’d like and looking for a easy fix.
  4. I swore I saw that someone had put Exile 8’s in the bow of their B52 so I bought some without actually seeing if they’d fit in my bow (‘15 B52 23’). Welp it sure doesn’t seem like it’s deep enough when I just measured it. Anyone have any insight on this?
  5. I'll have that tip soon and you can have it if you want to pay for shipping!
  6. Gregg HH - I ordered my FAE a few weeks ago (2015 B52) and am just awaiting shipment. You are welcome to have my exhaust tip when I replace it. I'll keep you posted.
  7. Ooooooor replace the 6 1/2's with two more 8's!!!! Anyone have some for sale?
  8. Two 6.5’s and two 8’s. One 6.5 and one 8 on each channel wired per Exiles instructions. The 6.5’s are getting too much power and will distort while the 8’s are fine. Hoping to find a way to get the 6.5’s less power and the 8’s more!
  9. I’ve got 4 speakers running off of two channels in parallel. I would like to slightly attenuate two of the speakers. Anyone have any Thoughts or ideas on this?
  10. Can you use Volumatic with Spotify or other streaming sources?
  11. Trying to add a 2017+ factory swim step handle to my B52. I contacted my local Seattle dealer and they were about zero help. I contacted NW Boat Sports and have yet to hear back from them. I believe the manufacturer of the handle is Eddie Motorsports (but not 100% sure). I called them and the lady said they don't sell those parts direct to consumer. I emailed them (hoping to reach someone else) and haven't heard back. Any ideas on where to get one from? Pic for reference
  12. 2015 B52 23’. I purchased a pair Exile SX80M‘S with the intention of copying others by putting one under the observer seat (facing the driver) and the other behind the drivers seat on the sidewall. I quickly found out that my battery switch was in the way for the speaker I had planned to put under the observers seat and there wasn’t enough room on the starboard side wall like others have. This was the next best solution and I can say that I am very happy with how it turned out. It really balanced out the sound for the driver and added a fair amount of midbass. Stop thinking about it and jus
  13. Sorry I'm just getting back to you. I have the sport boat trailer with these wheels? Not sure of the size but certainly not 14's.
  14. I have the same height issues with my 2015 B23 going under a 7' garage door. It CAN happen and this is how I did/do it: 1) Lowered the trailer by moving the spindles on the torsion axles 2) Tower down with racks OFF 3) Tire pressure down to 15ish pounds 4) TRAILER VALET (frame mount not ball mount) in lowest position It generally touches the top garage weather stripping going it but it works!
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