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  1. ahhhh, I didn't know the 24 had the batteries in a different location. The Alphas and the classics have the batteries under the port side passenger seat.
  2. I think they did move my light to get it over there. I think the strategy was to stay as close to the batteries as possible. I'm sure it doesn't make that much difference. I was told that you have to leave the switch to battery 2 or your risk voltage issues. Were you all told the same? I think replacing the batteries with lithiums down the road would solve that.
  3. Yes! Please let us know how she does! I notice that they put it on the other side. Any particular reason? Also, did you get the Livorsi controls or did you opt for EZ Thurster's controls?
  4. Heatercraft is the way to go. That said, I live on a very cold lake and we never used the shower. IMO it's not worth the effort by to each their own!
  5. Yup, I'm curious (and a bit worried) that it will mess with the wave. Looking at the geometry, I'm hopeful that it won't. Someone had to be the test dummy! I'll report back on that. If anyone is curious, the entire job was $7500- 8ish including the custom controls from Livorsi.
  6. One of the best looking boats I've seen. Incredible. Those back seats are dope.
  7. sweet looking ride! Love the colors!
  8. Well folks, it can be done. I've been wanting this since I ordered the Alpha. It took a while to get all the parts and to get MB to buy off on it. But, they did. Hats off to Northwest Boat Sports for pulling this off. Thanks gents! I have not tested it yet. Ryan has tested it after install and told me it pushes this boat really well and that it did not create power issues (these pull some amperage).
  9. I don't, my weather here is terrible (Western Washington) so I haven't put my boat in the water yet. But, what I was told is that this boat needs very little modification (led). I was told fill the bags and go and that the right speed is 11.6 mph for the optimum wake. This is exactly why I wanted this ride. My last MB had a little led in it but not much and made a killer wake. You should be able to find some wake videos on this forum if you search. If not, check youtube. If you get out there, make sure you post some pics!
  10. Happy New Year Don and all. I have to agree with everyone. This is an awesome community. I can't wait for some kind of meetup!
  11. Added the flag holder. This one was a PITA. Lots of custom work here and scary hole drilling. She came out pretty good and very strong. I may powder coat it black down the road but for now that job is done.
  12. You bet. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the install. I know that gentleman in the link I provided took some photos. Here is the part. It's sold on Uptice.com https://uptice.com/collections/marine-products/products/tower-side-pull-points-supra You will have to cut about a 1/4 inch off the bolt but other than that works fine. 1. If you have four speakers, you'll have to remove the bottom one on each side. 2. Then you remove the tower skin on the sides (about 10-12 little bolts) 3. That will expose 4 large threaded bolt holes that fit the side tow point bolt.
  13. I was doing the side tow points but I'm also working on mounting a flag holder. I love old glory and she has to fly on this boat too! It's really challenging to get a flag holder to mount right on this tower the way I want it. I've seen some put them on the surf racks but I want to be able to fly it even when I'm surfing. I'll see if I can find the link to that thread for the side tow point.
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