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  1. So Jealous I missed this! My buddy owns a houseboat there and he told me he ran into you all. I was up at Mayfield lake this weekend.
  2. not a great picture but this is the best one I have. I have since turned the pull point inward. It works much better that way. I use this as a primary tow point for all my riders (newby or not) because it saves the bimini from wear. I highly recommend it!
  3. nice spot! I did! It works great. I've tried to make the old girl the boat I've always wanted. I hope you get to see her again!
  4. Did these last year and now wish I had gone with the Skylons.
  5. Many thanks to the Donfather for building an awesome boat for me to continue upgrading!
  6. We used Sunbrella fabric that I had left over from the fishing boat. I cut the whole with a jig saw and a super fine blade (went through three of them). I did do the JL head unit and modified the dash. This summer I broke my box that was over the engine and new one made out of aluminum. It's really nice and sturdy now.
  7. I've always been jealous of the surf pockets and the trash can that the new MB's have. So, I ordered the passage way billet trash can from Mastercraft. It worked perfectly! Thanks to Mom for sewing the surf pockets!
  8. I agree with the flex coupler. I had the same problem, snapped a shaft because of the motor mounts. The flexi-coupler is amazing.
  9. Yes! She's still a great boat. You should see her now. PM me and I'll send you some pics of all the new stuff. I can't bring myself to sell her and get a new one because the wave is so great! So to Dakota who started this thread, it is worth the cost on this hull.
  10. Slapped 2014, one of the best wakes on the lake. I have 5000 lbs. of ballast and the Indmar 6.0. I run the 2247 prop and turn 3200-3400 rpms at 10.9-11.4. The regular side wave is almost as good but requires a little more speed, right at 11.4 for my boat.
  11. Here is the link to the Monster Tower Swivel point. To answer the question about the difficulty of installation....yup, was a pain. Make sure you go slow, I started with a very small bit and moved up incrementally. Those work really well and now there is no issue with bimini chaffing. https://www.boatcoversdirect.com/products/accessories/monster-tower-tow-point/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjer4BRCZARIsABK4QeXVPMzRvk8CrCOXnq_JdYLb63YS1EEKql2ajgaF_3B8c8pzkkxChmAaAmHvEALw_wcB
  12. I did drill out the flat MB plate to adapt the Triton's. It worked pretty well, although you can see the old holes. That said, the functionality is perfect. I'll see if I can find a link to the "pintles." BTW, I'm not sure what the correct term is. 😀
  13. fitting the toggles was a little challenging but all-in-all not too bad. I love the JL Audio head unit. It does all the same things the WetSounds 420 did. Plus, it has remote that is waterproof and works from about 150 feet away.
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