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  1. Said that the moment the pricing was out. Those supra's surf well too! I guess the flip side for MB is they dont build a lot so selling the limited number may not be an issue.
  2. you want to get the same size circumference, the bolt pattern doesn't matter has much because MB just threads the fine threaded bolts into the glass, its fun taking them out......
  3. I just bought a 100' roll on EBAY for $22. Shock cord SGT KNOTS
  4. Yes you buy an 8 or 9" pedestal. I forgot where i got mine but they had a scratch and dent section, paid like $15 for it. I couldn't find a scratch or dent on the thing....lol
  5. I am dealing with the rear 3 as well, trying to decided if i just redo the whole boat or hope they can match them up pretty decent
  6. They just keep the colors, when you call and order they will make up your pattern. I didint get that far into price because they didnt have my stuff anyway. I think the back cushions take a lot of abuse from foot traffic!
  7. up to 5 years, they will be going down to 3 years shortly!
  8. I will call and ask, seems 7 years is typical for the other brands
  9. Would MB still have the cushion covers still laying around for a 2013?
  10. Market sucks here. Top Dollar for new and re-sell is terrible!
  11. 2013 B52 23'. Thats surprising.
  12. Thinking about trading in our 23' B52 on a new leftover 2018 fi21, having a hard time selling the MB and my local dealer doesnt seem to want to lower his price on the leftovers he has.... The price on the fi seems really good to me, i'd like a little more on my trade in but it is what it is. I know the Centurion 23' wave is top notch, I just dont know anyone who has been behind the 21'!
  13. I really like the interior, I just cant understand the rub rail. Everything I've seen has been Hate it or can live with it, I haven't seen anyone say they love it! Maybe MB is getting love it feedback? I just have not seen it, nor can i see that rub rail growing on me. Someone photo shopped a straight rail on the new 24 and it was crazy how that changed how i felt about the styling. I know im only one person but seems that is a lot of people opinion?
  14. Slacker i have a 2013 b52 23' for sale. Its fully setup for surfing and has tons of add ons. Send me a text at 2489204421 and I can send you pics and info.
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