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  1. The best part of the football season starting... And water temp is still 85 degrees in AZ.
  2. No I don't believe any of those years has a better hull than the others. If you go with the 14-15 mid year you will only get 1800 lbs internal ballast, no surf system, and the 350 motor. The later 2015's will have 2800 lbs, Gen 2 surf and the Raptor motor. 2016+ will get you GSA instead of Gen 2 surf. So yes if you go with the 2014 you will need quite a bit of additional ballast bags with pumps and you will need to list the boat or add a surf device/system. I would try to at least find a 2015 with the raptor and the 2800 lb tanks.
  3. Agreed. We run an additional 750 in each locker (takes up about half the locker when full) and we throw a 300lb bag on the bow seat when we've got a small crew. I don't think there's many boats on the market that have enough subfloor only ballast to throw a really nice surf wave.
  4. Not sure about the other models but, the F22 switched to the 2800 lbs subfloor midway through 2015. If it has the raptor motor and the Gen 2 surf system then it should have the 2800lbs. If it has the 5.7 then it will have the 1800 lb ballast.
  5. Is Apache open? I know it was still closed last weekend.
  6. Beautiful boat! We're at Roosevelt almost every weekend. Easily our favorite lake. Especially if you want to enjoy surfing and not worry about any idiots.
  7. Is the truck lifted or leveled? If it is I would bag it. Otherwise, I tow a 2015 F22 with a stock 2018 F150 (90 miles to the lake) and I don't see bags being necessary. The truck sits level and never sways or tries to push the truck.
  8. Does the MB factory surf pipe require/have an exhaust flap like the FAE brand exhaust?
  9. Does anyone know the battery size for a 2015 F22? The boat is in storage (2hrs away) so I am unable to check myself. Thanks.
  10. Anybody else running Gen 2?
  11. Has anybody had to reinforce the engine compartment dividers after adding bags in the rear lockers? The boat is a 2015 F22.
  12. Who do I message in order to change my username?
  13. Looking for setup input from anyone else with the Gen 2 surf system. What speed, tab settings, and weight are you running? There really aren't many threads about it that I can find.
  14. Need to pick up some bags for my F22. Can I get a code please? Thanks!!
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