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  1. Anyone ever lube the ballast gates in rear end to keep them sliding freely? Thinking i would spray some silicone lube in there but not sure where to spray it? Maybe need the gates closed in order to spray them? I ask because they got a bit tough to move towards the end of last year. I was told they needed lubed.
  2. Thanks! Sent you a txt
  3. If you want the vinyl to look good. Have a local upholstery business fix it. My rear trans cover seat blew out going down the road a couple years ago. Cost was a bit over a hundred and they were able to recover and match it perfectly. They will have hundreds of different materials that boat companies all use. FAE pipe will lower engine noise considerably. Definitely a good thing to have. For interior adhesives i would look at E6000. Good clear and waterproof stuff for carpets. For the rear swim deck. If you just want to replace it. Contact gatorstep. They will have your year and model for you to pick out what you would like to replace. Nice colors on that boat though! Very sharp.
  4. You still have extender mxvet?
  5. Ah. Didn’t know that was a thing. Thanks!
  6. Was gonna put in an order. Put in the MB Forum discount code that was given to me and that had worked about a year ago. Won’t work now. Did they cancel it? Or change it?
  7. No idea how to rotate it...or i would. #not smart
  8. Thanks everyone. Exactly the info i was looking for!
  9. Forgot to add. 18 tomcat with 400 raptor motor.
  10. “Thread Bump up” to anyone local looking for a board.
  11. I have a heated house garage. Big garage...but the tall door that would fit the boat is super tight squeeze to get the boat in. Less than 1 inch each side. Its nerve racking to pull it in and out all the time. So i keep the boat in a storage garage. Which is not heated. Is there a way that you guys with the same issue can take the boat out during winter months or cold night spring months and pull a few bolts to drain water out of the engine at the ramp after take out? Therefore not having to worry about engine freeze? Might be wishful thinking here. But needing to get out on the water.
  12. Its all opinions. Im a big dude. Tall and 225lbs. I take some push to help me move along. For me it comes down to...I work much less surfing behind my boat than the 19 fi21. Maybe if your 155lbs it doesn’t matter. Just opinions.
  13. Friend has a 2019 fi21. Runs good. Hes happy. Pretty boat. Surf wave doesn’t come close to the size of my 18 tomcat 22.
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