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  1. I’ve seen the boat shack instagraming the surf union stuff for a bit but never knew what it was really. I’ll check them out. Thatnks!
  2. My oldest is 9. He gets up on surf board or wakeboard. But…He needs to get some info/lessons from someone who really knows what they are doing. I’m sufficient at both but not good enough to be giving him pointers. Anyone know of anybody that does lessons in utah that you’ve heard of or experienced yourself? I’d prefer to do the lessons on Deer Creek or Sand Hollow and just gave the instructor hop on my boat. Thanks all!
  3. Awesome thanks. I’ve been traveling long distances with tower down and the shipping cover for a couple years now. The shipping cover tore though. Just trying to decide on custom or less expensive route from mb. Thanks again.
  4. Anybody have the MB made tower down cover? Any rubbing issues on the board racks or other negatives?
  5. Got it. Sounds doable. Thanks!
  6. Would love to know if this is possible.
  7. I have 4 exile tower speakers. I would like to move the 2 at the top to the bottom side locations. I keep hitting my head when walking through lol. Anyone ever do it? I looked but didn’t see any wires behind the little caps that cover the unused locations.
  8. Bretcole needs to be removed please. Fake
  9. Thats a really good tattle tail. Funny. So do you guys pull the hose clamp off the side that is past the strainer and thats where you shove a funnel? (Just verifying that its ok to disconnect hose each season and it doesn’t become brittle or an issue). I saw inmar makes the strainer pro that has a hose hook up already built into the strainer. Kinda slick. Anyone use one of those?
  10. Pricing on new 22tc will be basically on par with same cost as a new 23 alpha 52. Its taller and thicker looking than the 23 alpha and really only a few inches shorter. Total length of new 22tc is something like 22’ 7”. And yes...i love the pickle front ends as well.
  11. I totally understand now. Disconnect intake hose after the strainer filter. Then suck antifreeze in from that point. Got it. Thanks again all.
  12. Sounds awesome. But sorry for being so stupid. Am i doing this with motor running? If someone has a video of this process or knows of something on youtube i would love to watch.
  13. Yup. It’ll come off. Not going to break anything as long as you have the knob loosened.
  14. Awesome boat. On trailer its hull is taller than the new 23 alpha by an inch or so. Rear end is much steeper and more blunt than the 23 alpha as well. Its a fatty all around. Gonna be a good one for sure.
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