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  1. New ride came in....turned out decent
  2. I listed before the summer season last yr....then over last summer added a few to get where it is at today
  3. Here we go again.... https://www.onlyinboards.com/2019-MB-B52-23-for-sale-Portland-Oregon-108499.aspx Gotta sell it now.
  4. Ya I get the flooded market, usually good deals will trump that. Idk though I think I will put on for more at end of March and get what I need out of it or maybe one of the peeps on here will get it.
  5. Hawkdad22, thanks for the insight. I have had tire kickers glore it seems like. Guy from Cali wants it and says he’s got crazy $ and he’s trying to negotiate 2k...another dude needs to trade and work a deal and he’s trying to low ball 3-4k below asking, keeps saying there’s another boat w/ a 440 that is less hrs and 85k....I’m like ok go buy that one, been kickin tires for months now, I know it’s not set up like mine....all the xtras add up on a build. I keep telling all these peeps if your serious put a down payment down to hold the boat....I know it is a good deal(that’s what I feel like the feedback is here) so I will just be patient. I thought being at the price I’m at would generate serious buyers...usually price will do that....idk we will see
  6. I took it off the market....will be back on for spring. The tire kickers, dreamers and time wasters are a little too much.
  7. 253.261.0598 is my # if you have questions
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