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  1. Hey you guys! My boyfriend has up for sale his 2010 MB F21 Tomcat. (Original owner was Adam Fullmer for those of you who know him). It's been a great boat never had issues and always taken care of but it's that bittersweet time for him to upgrade to something newer! Details as follows: 500 hours on the 5.7 343 motor with 350 HP 1800# factory ballast 60 second quick fill/drain valves Fresh GatorStep installed by Hyde Covers in Discovery Bay at the beginning of this past season (floor/swim platform) 15% windshield tint Swing away trailer tongue Trailer
  2. Just saw this post! If I try out decide I absolutely hate the mothership that I just bought I'll let you know and sell it to you for the price I bought it for! Lol. Hoping that's not the case though, keep your eyes peeled on craigslist, fb marketplace, and eBay for a used one!
  3. I was also looking at soulcraft! Seen a couple for sale here and there. My advice if you're interested in an expensive board but don't wanna shell out the cash is to check eBay (I was checking at least once a week for the last month or two). My boyfriend has the ronix koal but I think it's too big for me, rode it once and felt like I couldn't move it lol
  4. Hey guys, I just purchased a slightly used Hyperlite Varial Mothership. Found it on ebay, negotiated and got the guy down to $600 including traction, fins, padded board bag. (MSRP is roughly around $1300 with fins and traction) Has anyone on here rode any boards from the Varial line? It's supposed to arrive here in San Jose by Monday so I'm super stoked and can't wait to try it out. I took a gamble since I never have demoed one, so fingers crossed. I guess if I hate it I have the option of selling it, but hope that's not the case. Will keep you guys posted on if it was worth it and ho
  5. Hey all, Was just posting here to see if there are any of you out there who have GatorStep installed and have dogs go on your boat. We are in the middle of the process of our boat floor/swim platform being done but wanted some input. We are deciding between black w/ gray lines or gray w/ black lines. To those with GatorStep & dogs: How prone to the EVA foam is the GatorStep material? Do you make your dogs wear booties while in the boat? Do you think black GatorStep would be more prone to visible scratches than gray? If you dog does wear booties, can he/she
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