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  1. On our old boat (2001 MB B52) we lost a cushion when it flew out of the boat going down the highway. Since then I've learned my lesson and never pull the boat down the road without the center windshield closed. Proceed with caution.
  2. Raptor motors don't have the same common alignment issue as the earlier years. You should be in the clear, unless you have something that doesn't seem right?
  3. Yes. I have a 2014 F24 with the supercharged LSA. Couldn't believe it didn't have low end power like I thought it would when I loaded it down. Turns out, first it had a bad spark plug. I would recommend changing those out routinely since they're not that expensive and will probably help with fuel consumption even if they're not quite bad yet. Also, it has the 1.25:1 trans in it. Basically that means that the prop spins 20% faster at same engine RPM as the typical 1.5:1 trans for those years and 40% faster than the newer 1.7ish:1 trans on the newer MBs. So you'll need a prop with a lower pitch
  4. How do you know if you have "Chil Cool Technology"? Did it come standard in any MBs?
  5. On my new to me 2014 F24 I decided I'm going to throw some slappers on it this winter (using MidnightMax's guide). The project itself seems fairly straight forward, however there are seemingly lots of options for controllers. I think I'd like to go with something more advanced that a rider can control and has a GPS unit that auto retracts but I'm not sure which way to go or what's even really available. Makes me wonder if I should just go the cheap route and just stick to the manual switches. Anyone else recently gone through the options and have advice to share?
  6. I have an extra 2079 prop that I could let go of as well. It is in perfect condition as it has only been on the boat for a few lake trips. I would sell it for the same price. $450 plus shipping from Denver Colorado area too. PM me if interested. Will text you pics of prop before any transaction takes place.
  7. Agree with all above, but just to clarify... You should NEVER need to turn the switch to ON for your bilge pump. Assuming the pump is wired correctly, it will turn on automatically when there is enough water to pump out. It does this by an internal float switch. Float comes up, pump starts. Float goes down, pump turns off. The switch in your dash is really only there for if your float fails. If you're concerned about its operation, its usually easy to check. Most bilge pumps have a float test dial. Basically you turn it (which lifts the float) and the pump starts. If you do that and it starts,
  8. I'm just talking to myself here, but just throwing out the info... Problem was spark plugs. Got those changed and the attitude of the motor changed. Didn't sound like a cylinder was missing, but exhaust did have a small gas smell. Regardless, with motor good to go the 2079 could pull the 5000 lb of ballast but just barely. Ran 31.5 MPH at 4000 RPM. New prop, 28.5 MPH at 4000 RPM and pulls surf weight pretty easily. For the small lakes I'm typically on, top end speed is no concern. Love the new prop. Definitely a lesson to double check trans ratio when setting up a boat!
  9. I'm not sure which years MB decided to enclose the individual compartments underneath each bow cushion, but I know my 2014 F24 has it. Has anyone solved the riddle of how to put ballast up there without lead or a sack on top of the seats? I can't find the thread anymore but I believe one person mentioned cutting out the compartments but was advised not to due to structural integrity of the boat.
  10. I had an 08 B52, but it was only the 21' version. I recommend setting it up cheap at first to dial it in. Once you're dialed in, then start making things more permanent. Step one, buy a suck gate aka wake shaper. IMO, most of them work pretty well. I bought a cheap Wake 10 for my "new to me" boat and works like a charm to hold me over until I upgrade to slappers or GSA. Step 2 ballast for the rear. I agree with the guys that 750s in each rear locker will do the trick. Step 3 surf it and move human ballast to the front or back of the boat to get the desired shape. Step 4 buy the water ballast f
  11. Well, snacks for kids on the boat is a necessary evil... Any recommendations for good snacks that don't make a mess? Obviously the mom favorites of goldfish and chips are a nightmare! I've had my wife bring Slim Jims and string cheese the last few trips. Any other options that you've had good luck with?
  12. Great idea! Couldn't find either in google play store. I downloaded "speed of sound" app and it says it does exactly what we want. I'll be trying it out next time I'm on the lake!
  13. I like the pintles (or whatever they are called) on the side of the tower. Where did you get them? How hard was the install??
  14. I know there aren't a whole lot of F24 boats out there so information can be hard to come by on them. I just bought a 2014 F24 with the supercharged motor (LSA). First time out on the lake I was shocked at how much power it DIDN'T have when trying to surf up here at Denver elevation. Stock prop was the 1235 (14.5x14.25). I had a spare acme 2079 (14.5x12) prop from my old boat, so I put that one on. STILL not near enough power. WTF?? Finally, I looked at the transmission ratio. It was 1.25:1. Problem found! Basically out of the factory this boat has more power but they gave all that power to to
  15. Didn't keep that boat for long! What's next Racer?
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