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  1. Did anyone ever possibly DM you on this? I'm trying to figure this out as well.
  2. Does anyone have the monster center wheel cap that they are not using anymore. PM me a price. Thanks.
  3. Thank you so much. Just havet noticed that before on any of the many times I have had to do decon. Appreciate it.
  4. 2016 F22 Tomcat. Went through boat for beginning of season maintenance. Fluids, grease, raw water impeller ect. After all said and done. I turned motor over, fired right up. Motor maybe made a total of 8 revolutions. Switched key off and I heard a gush of water hit the garage floor. No big deal I figured it just purged some water out the exhaust. Got out of the boat looked under and didn't notice any water on the cav plate so I was like water must not have come out of the exhaust. Searched and searched for where the water on the floor would have come from. All I can figure is that it came out the prop shaft. Does anyone know if the Glide Bearing Seal actually sends water out around the shaft. Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to give reference of the situation.
  5. So I figured it was a Heyday or ATX. Both have seats that are not hinged. Looked on ATX website and found the exact cushion. Posted on the Tige forum, a couple guys helped connect the dots. And the dealer gave me the owners #. The guy hadn't even put the boat in the water yet. Was traveling home from the dealer and lost it. So he is super happy to get it back. Lol.
  6. Success. Found the owner.
  7. Does anyone even recognize what make this might even go in. I am thinking it may be off a Heyday.
  8. Pretty sure this is not a cushion for an MB. However maybe someone might know of its rightful owner. Found this cushion just north of Mesquite NV on southbound I15. Would have been lost between 4/30-5/2
  9. I can only help with question 1. 16 F22 here. The MIL light for me will beep if I get shitty gas. And I mean even if I switch from Chevron to Sinclair. Not sure what it is exactly. But if I get gas from the same Chevron every time 91 of coarse, it never beeps. When I change it never fails to beep atleast once on a trip. What I have found though is that if I know I'm going to be on the lake. Or have to fuel up away from home. I put a few ounces of octane boost per tank. And it solves the issue. MB has said to me that poor octane causes the secondary O2 sensors to get to much condensation on them while idling. Which with ethanol fuels we will always have condensation in the tank to burn off. I like the VP Octanium.
  10. Does anyone know of a really good lifevest for infants. I'm not afraid of spending some good money on one. I just want it to be as comfortable as possible. If there is such a thing.
  11. I'm sick of the floor carpet moving around. The velcro is worthless. Has anyone put snaps in this location? I'm not confident enough on what is directly below to drill a hole. Picture shows location as well as the snap screw length.
  12. Not quite sure what you are asking? There is not a manuel. I fact I'm not aware of any manufacturer that has a manuel for A.I.S. Elaborate more and maybe we can help you out. If you are just looking for something you can do yourself, in order to Decon. You have to have a 30 day dry time before you can launch in another body of water. If you don't want to wait the 30 days, its mandatory to go through the Decon station your state offers.
  13. So I checked everything out as far as ballast. Gates are working correctly. Gage is working fine. So I don't know. But thanks for the ideas.
  14. So I was digging around in the bottom of the engine compartment and I found this thing laying in the bottom of the boat. 2016 F22. Its about 5" long. Does anyone know what this goes to?
  15. First to answer your question. I did put it on the lips of the trays. It took a lot of time to get the fit and finish right but well worth it. Second. I posted those decibel readings that I took before and after. While the meter may not show it. The meter between my ears can tell a difference. Now that we have been out surfing, having the boat under load it certainly seams quieter. I am now able to talk to the surfer, if they are needing more speed less speed, etcetera. As far as the interior rear transom..... it just seamed like too much work and there is already a cushion against that deadening the sound...I don't know..
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