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  1. I'm just being funny but also pointing out those of us with the 23ft MBs could surf a kid board probably. I have surfed some low volume 4'6 boards behind my boat and I'm 6'2 and 230. I dont prefer them and I usually order the 4'8 sizes with adequate volume. Had to order a 5'2 last year for one of the doomswell I wanted to get and it's too big, the 4'8 i have is more fun to ride. Still waiting to try out my new brigade boards I ordered last fall
  2. Is there a code that works right now? Thanks in advance.
  3. He surfs behind an mb bro...massive wave. We can surf a banana peel just about
  4. That's cool, update with a water pic when you get it wet.
  5. Sorry if this has been a topic but I typed in kid and didnt see any results (may have done it wrong). Looking for what you guys would buy to start out young 6 to 9 year old girls on for surfing. Not looking to spend a ton but willing to spend what is needed for a good stable board that will hopefully make it easier to learn. Something with foot wells or no? Any thoughts? Thank you
  6. You dont want to run stock surf system and also a suck gate. For those who have "slapped" their boat permanently, they do remove stock surf system but I'm not sure if it would be worth it for your boat. If you dont want to run stock system and want to fill boat full and put on suck gate you can try that. Otherwise I'd say use stock system with no suck gate and fill full, little extra weight in nose to lengthen. And to fine tune and clean face of wave, drain a little from opposite side ballast. (I dont know how the ballast is set up on your year as mine has manual levers to drain hard tanks which also pulls the water out if bags) doesn't really matter if hard tank or bag as long as you drain from opposite side that your surfing till wave looks clean. And I think consensus was placing pins on furthest away hole on the surf tabs.
  7. Looks like a 2016 b52 21ft? For you I would think to move the pins in the surf tabs to the furthest position up and out (away from boat). Full ballast and no cav plate deployment at speed of 10.8 should be a good wave. Some lead in nose to help lengthen maybe a good tool to fine tune it. I have a 2019 23ft so I know setup may be a little different but that's where I would start if that boat were mine. I know others on here have "slapped" those boats (at least I think it went up to year 2016) and had better waves with gates on the sides than GSA tabs on the back bottom (others more experienced with this year will chime in and fix where I steered you wrong in any way). Hope this helps, sorry if it doesnt.
  8. Lake finally thawed today, water not even 50 degrees and had to get in already to keep working on my new dock setup. Stupid cold so be a bit before any surfing.
  9. It's pretty warm once boat has been running for awhile. Then again living up here in Alaska by the time we want the heater it's pretty chilly outside, like low 60s to upper 50s for late evening runs. (So it makes the heater feel warmer maybe? Definitely not Luke warm though)
  10. Cant wait to hear results and final opinion. I've been watching this thread for some time and seeing the back and forth opinions, leaving me wondering what is best. I currently have the stock 2247 on my 19 b52 23 with the 400 at sea level. Currently run all full a with 300 lead and anywhere from 3 to 9 peeps. Run anywhere from 3800 to 4200 rpm. My last boat was a 20ft with the 400 and it ran like 3000 to 3200 all full and I loved it, the quiet and more fuel efficient setup. It was overall a lot less weight and length so easily explained. I'd love to get below 3500 if it didnt sacrifice the gel coat or shaft integrity but still waiting to see the varying opinions land on some common ground before ordering a different prop. Thanks to all who are the test subjects 😁
  11. Not sure on yours but to piggyback on that question, does a light out on the end of the toggle switch mean that that function wont work? I had a toggle switch light burn out on my 19 b52 last fall but dont remember what switch it was for or if that function stopped working because of it.
  12. Stole the words out of lots of mouths...quick trigger finger!
  13. The trannys i find on 4th ave usually like the MBs most. πŸ˜‚ Sorry, couldn't help it.
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