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  1. I should say that based on some comments from a post about this couple years ago, I am at 118 hours now so break in period should be over. I went ahead and split it, 4 quarts fully synthetic and 3 quarts semi synthetic. Hopefully it will work out for next season.
  2. So I pulled boat yesterday...hurt bad but it's not long for snow. Anyway, last year I did the recommended semi synthetic oil but curious if it's ok to run full synthetic or at least mix the two this time so next time I can make the full switch?
  3. My water temp down to 56 already and air is about the same for highs...had to start rockin the wet suit this weekend. Next weekend I pull the boat out...sucks. wish I could get my airs to look like that...nice work
  4. Good thing, they needed to add some more metallic options. I've wanted a seafoam blue in metallic and would have chosen it when I ordered my 19 if they would have had it as an option...didn't know at the time they would make custom colors for those that wanted. Oh well. Next boat 😁
  5. Yes, motor needs to run in order to pull in antifreeze. Whether using fake a lake or disconnecting main water hose in engine bay. Its helpful to have 2 people so one can start it while other is feeding it antifreeze because you don't want engine to run without fluids going through.
  6. I havent had the issue other than the one day. Not sure what to say at this point...hopefully an electrical fluke.
  7. The wave behind the M235 on my lake always looks killer...I'd like to try that one
  8. I have a 2019 mb b52 23 ft. I have surfed behind a 2020 G23 and although the boat itself is badass and beautiful...I prefer the wave behind my mb. I would like to surf a paragon and Malibu among some others just to compare though.
  9. Does anyone know why the change? I have been very happy with my exile...although I think I would have chosen package C if I could do it again.
  10. So no more exile at all? Will a package "C" have it's own upgrade on the JL that would be similar to what exile was?
  11. We night surf, no light bar but ordered my boat with surf lights and docking lights. Some up here have light bars, it's legal and nothing on surfer is lit up but glow sticks are an good idea.
  12. Looks like a surf boat mated with a deck boat and landing craft...some interesting boats out there trying to catch the wave so to speak.
  13. Anyone seen this yet? Or it's performance?
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