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  1. Some of these people on IG constantly bash MB. Drives me nuts... Take Brock for example. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQJu1e4jY5e/
  2. I had a ZS232 that was loaded. it is well put together for sure but it still feels like a budget boat. The MB with hinged seats and all the other options feels way closer to a high end (Nautique, etc) boat than it does to a budget (Supreme/Moomba) boat. In my mind, there is NO better option for the price.
  3. Just wanted to post some pics of the new F21. Hinged seats!!!
  4. Buy them off the shelf. Leinenkugels (sp?). I've only seen them in bottles but they are stellar.
  5. These definitely help keep the tube nose from digging.
  6. This was made for a customer who didn't like it and was returned. Made to fit a 2011 MB platform. Evolution Cover Platform with Onlyinboards logo on it in black. $100 shipped in the USA. email me at ian at onlyinboards.com
  7. if you are looking for some let me know as I sell them on OIB and will hook you up! These things are legit and were super easy to install.
  8. after a year, how do you guys like them? About to order some black ones.
  9. It would have been the first few years of the 21 Team Widebody and F21. I think i had a 2010. I"m sure the 2011-2012 are both the same hull though. someone else may need to chime in on that. The OG 23 TWB was a good wakeboarding boat too. All of them needed extra nose weight and about 3/4 pure vert if i recall.
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