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  1. Cool. I'll take two Neon and two Seafoam, please. Do you want my PayPal to invoice me? Or you give me your's & I'll send it?
  2. What's the difference between 'Neon' and 'Yellow'? I saw the thumbnail in the 'Towel Order' thread, but not sure if the 2nd from the top is yellow & 3rd from the top is neon? Or if 3rd from the top is yellow and neon isn't in the thumbnail.
  3. Yeah, I just saw that on their site. I'll wait & see if they have it on file. If not, I'll order the template materials and draw it out for them. Anybody remove the old rubber surface? Is it easy or a PITA? Just trying to understand what's involved.
  4. I sent them an email since my model year was not listed on their site. Hopefully they have a template from a previous customer.
  5. Thanks! I'll look into it, but given that my daughter is attending FSU, she might disown me for buying anything with 'Gator' in the name...
  6. The final product (2006 B52 V23 Team Edition): Now I just need to replace the rubber on my swim platform and I'm ready to roll!
  7. Holy Crap! This place is still alive?!?! I just checked and its been just over 4 years since I posted. Came here looking for info on swim platforms and decided I'd post some pics of the detailing I had done over the weekend. Here's what the detail company was up against: And here is what they were able to accomplish: Some interior shots:
  8. Tell me about it. I've had my boat listed on OnlyInboards for a little over a month. I've had 5 inquiries, 3 of them serious. But, until the temps are guaranteed to be above freezing every night, I can't take anyone out on a test ride.
  9. Also, I play cards with a retired 2-star general who is actively involved in the Wounded Warrior project, as well as the Paralyzed Veterans of America Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund (http://www.pvaheritagefund.org). If you want, I can put you in touch w/ him.
  10. I noticed you have an event at Lake Anna, VA. If you need a boat, let me know. My MB is available for you to use.
  11. Not sure if any of you are up on this, but there's a sh!t ton of photos on the web based around gymnast Mckayla Maroney's 'not impressed' pose from her silver medal this past summer: Basically, they photoshop her into famous shots (Big Foot is my favorite). Well, here's my take: Mckayla Maroney is not impressed with Sean Obrien (shot behind my boat last summer):
  12. My Winter project: Sell my 2006 B52 V23 My Spring project: Buy a new MB
  13. WTF seissa?!?! I create a thread welcoming you, you come back and respond to 20+ other threads, and don't even have the decency to stop in & say 'hi'? That's it, I'm bumping your karma down a notch...
  14. Hi seissa, how's it going? Welcome to MBBoatOwners.com. It's great to see new members just jumping in to many, if not all recent conversations. Way to be social. So, you may want to take a moment and introduce yourself. What make/model/year MB do you own? Where do you ride at? What's your favorite feature of MBs? Thanks, and have a happy holiday...
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