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  1. Hello, I am in the process of changing the fuel lines and found that the mounts for the fuel tank have come loose from the side of the boat. The mounting bolts penetrated into the sidewall about a 1/4" of an inch, I don't think that would be enough to hold 384 pounds of fuel. Anyone else seen this and any suggestions on how to reattach it. Thanks for the help.
  2. We have done a full load (8) of people full ballast and a 750lb sac in the middle and 2 85lbs in the front. It kicks a good wake but it takes a bit to plane out, but we are also at 4000 ft above sea level. We have the Acme 2079, which helps a lot up here in the high elevation, but we are still considering adding a trim tab to help out. You shouldn't have that much of an issue at sea level.
  3. This is our 08 Tomcat, I think the hull design is similar.
  4. Does anyone in the salt lake area have a prop removal tool? Need to remove our prop it has bend in it.
  5. Here's the link to the manufacturer for a replacement: http://drainmaster.com/DM20RPMSReplacementParts.html Good luck, there isn't much you can do to repair them other than a full replacement.
  6. It's almost as big of a hassle to open and close them manually as it is to change the valve. But you are right, we really wouldn't lose a day just the hassle factor.
  7. We have had to replace one of our gates and the other one is beginning to stay open, so it will be replaced as well. There is no maintenance, I've talked to the manufacturer, Drain Master and they don't have any real solutions other than to replace it. I still prefer this system over the pumps, they are always having problems with impellers and pumps going bad and they are slow. We will be carrying a spare gate so we don't loose a day of boating due to a stuck gate. Replacing them is simple to do and takes less than 30 minutes.
  8. We had one these on our old boat and never really used it. If some one wanted something changed they would tell the person in charge of the iPod to make the change.
  9. No, the water was not bad. We had a four and three year old and they thought it was great. Of course this was our first trip of the year and the lakes in Northern Utah are still really cold so anything above 60 degrees feels like bath water.
  10. The trick is a rachet with a swivel head socket and an extension so you can get to it without having to squeeze into the small access space. Make sure that each of the bolts have a washer or washers on them so the nut has something solid to tighten the nut against. We noticed on ours that the middle bolt did not have this and it was always loose. We are going to have a machine shop make a plate that would solve the issue.
  11. We have been going to Lake Mead for the last ten years, and we have always stayed at Echo Bay. We were there this past weekend and they have closed the hotel and restaurant and are now offering Flotels, a houseboat that does not leave the marina. As mentioned the wind can kick up in a hurry or it can be calm all day, we have seen it both ways. On Saturday morning is was calm and the water was glass, but in the afternoon the wind was blowing and we had to get off the water. It is a great place to boat, but there isn't much to look at.
  12. We just spend the last weekend at Lake Mead and it was great. We have towed out boat with the cover on and haven't noticed any marks or had any problems with the cover.
  13. Make sure you check the bolts that attach the tower to the boat (by the cup holders) and check all the bolts on the tower, we have the same tower and the bolts on the tower do come loose. We carry an allen head rachet just to tighten all the tower bolts before we go out.
  14. We had a similar failure on another boat and from what I could see it would be nearly impossible to repair the core. I would ask to see the core and look at the failure and see if it had acutally been resoldered. Good luck.
  15. We have experienced the same issue with our trailer and the only solution we came up with was to raise the trailer. If you have a torsion axle with the removable suspension arm, you can change the angle of the suspension arm that will lift the trailer and give you more clearance. It\'s easy to do you just have to make sure all the suspension arms are at the same angle.
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