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  1. I know yours is an 07 and mines an 03, but my original bilge pump was an attwood gaurdian 500 and it did have the float switch built into it. When I replaced mine 9 years ago they didn't make that model anymore. I ended replacing it with the attwood sahara 500 auto bilge. It has the built in float switch as well.
  2. Moon


    I change mine every other season, but always keep a spare on board just in case.
  3. Wow, brought back from the dead on this one. Actually, I still haven't done it. Instead of repropping I decided to add speed control to the boat. For now I still just add a few bodies up front to get on plane faster. Ghetto and cheap, but oh well.
  4. Moon

    Fuse Question

    Found the problem. Bilge pump was clogged (not fuse related), but I still replaced the pump (old attwood gaurdian 500, they don't even make them anymore) because the float was not working. Just for reference I replaced it with the attwood sahara 500 auto bilge.
  5. My bilge pump is not working, and I'm not sure if the pump is just dead or if the fuse is shot. Where is the fuse box located for the bilge pump and what does it look like? Also, what type of fuse would it take? Thanks, Moon
  6. Thanks guys. I will attempt to do a complete write up on the install when once I get the rest of the pictures uploaded onto the computer.
  7. View of gauge and dash. Also, the sun doesn't really have an effect on reading the gauge. http://www.mbboatowners.com/images/fbfiles/images/IMG_3226__Medium_.JPG[/img]
  8. Hole with gauge installed http://www.mbboatowners.com/images/fbfiles/images/IMG_3228__Medium_.JPG[/img]
  9. Closer shot of hole http://www.mbboatowners.com/images/fbfiles/images/IMG_3225__Medium_.JPG[/img]
  10. Here is where the cup holder used to be. http://www.mbboatowners.com/images/fbfiles/images/IMG_3224__Medium_.JPG[/img]
  11. A little up date. I did not need to remove my floor to install the hydrophase speed control system (completed project last tuesday night and tested last wednesday), but I did notice that my bilge pump is not working, so the floor still needs to be removed and pump will be relpaced tomorrow night. I know some of you said that there are screws holding the center floor down, but I know for a fact that on my boat there are no screws. I know because I was actually able to slide my floor toward the transom to where the floor touches the fuel lines, giving me enough room to see what type of pump I've got (of course an atwood 500). So now, my only other question is, do I need to remove the captains seat to take the whole floor out? That seems to be the only thing preventing me from removing it completely.
  12. So I got the system saturday and started to mess around with it sunday night (daughter's birthday saturday and ran errands all day sunday). After looking at the gauge it is bigger then I anticipated, but still smaller then the origianl gauges. Also, it is a lot bigger then the depth finder or ballast gauge, so mounting there is not an option. Plus, I found a hole where I will be able to mount the gauge and I don't have to drill anything out. Just for gits and shiggles I removed my cup holder next to the throttle and the gauge almost sits there perfectly. Sure, I'll lose my cup holder, but I'll mount one on the floor next to my captains seat. Tomorrow, my buddy (owns a shop where they make aftermarket farm accessories) is going to make an insert for me so it snugs it up. I'll get pictures out soon. Moon
  13. Good ideas as well. Thanks.
  14. Kyle, thanks for your input. I just ran to autozone and napa auto parts hoping they may have some sort of hole reducer already made (wishful thinking I know, of course they don't), but they actually suggested the same thing. If I went this route would you mount the plate over the existing hole (so you can't see the original hole), or would you mount it behind the dash and try to center the 3" hole. If I were to go with my intial plan and remove one of the smaller gauges, I am leaning toward removing the ballast gauge since it has never worked. Plus I could pick up the optional speedometer cable from hydrophase and be able to have analog and digital speed reading. Again, thanks!!! Moon
  15. As some of you know, I should be receiving my hydrophase speed control system in the next few days. Before it gets here I'm trying to plan my attack on the install so things will run smoothly. The only for-seeable setback is that their digital gauge is 3" and our speedo, rpm, and vital (volts, oil temp, engine temp) gauges are 5". I would remove the speedo, but I'm not sure how I could rig something up and make it look cosmetically acceptable (unless, any of you have ideas). So, my only other option is to remove either the depth finder gauge or the ballast gauge which are both smaller. My queston is, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Thanks, Moon
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