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  1. If you find the screw to be to long you could probably use something like this... https://www.westmarine.com/buy/3m--5200-fast-cure-polyurethane-adhesive-sealant-white--320285?recordNum=2
  2. i don't think you'd be disappointed with the boat coming from a direct drive. Price sounds pretty good too considering today's market. There is a ton of storage room in this boat. In 1 rear locker I can put 2 adult boards, a kid board and other random stuff in it. In the other locker I can put vests a 3 person tube and wakesurf board in it. The surf wave isn't to bad for this era of boat either. We usually fill both 800lbs tanks up and add a 750lb bag up front in the walk way and use the mission delta for the surf device. Hope this helps!!!
  3. If I were you, I would definitely still work on the forward straight ahead parking. In no time you'll be parking it like a champ!!!
  4. I picked up a replacement at my local boat dealer. They are Sea Dog nylon drain plugs. Use google and it shows many sites that sell them.
  5. I don't think you'll need to remove the whole floor, in fact I couldn't because my seat base was in the way (the 07 maybe different though). I was able to slide my floor toward the transom, which gave me enough room to get the old pump out and install the new one.
  6. I know yours is an 07 and mines an 03, but my original bilge pump was an attwood gaurdian 500 and it did have the float switch built into it. When I replaced mine 9 years ago they didn't make that model anymore. I ended replacing it with the attwood sahara 500 auto bilge. It has the built in float switch as well.
  7. Moon


    I change mine every other season, but always keep a spare on board just in case.
  8. Wow, brought back from the dead on this one. Actually, I still haven't done it. Instead of repropping I decided to add speed control to the boat. For now I still just add a few bodies up front to get on plane faster. Ghetto and cheap, but oh well.
  9. Found the problem. Bilge pump was clogged (not fuse related), but I still replaced the pump (old attwood gaurdian 500, they don't even make them anymore) because the float was not working. Just for reference I replaced it with the attwood sahara 500 auto bilge.
  10. My bilge pump is not working, and I'm not sure if the pump is just dead or if the fuse is shot. Where is the fuse box located for the bilge pump and what does it look like? Also, what type of fuse would it take? Thanks, Moon
  11. Thanks guys. I will attempt to do a complete write up on the install when once I get the rest of the pictures uploaded onto the computer.
  12. View of gauge and dash. Also, the sun doesn't really have an effect on reading the gauge. http://www.mbboatowners.com/images/fbfiles/images/IMG_3226__Medium_.JPG[/img]
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