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  1. Unless you're decided on Wetsounds Duane at NVS has some killer deals on Deviant or Prodigy packages with amps. Having had the Wetsounds (pair of Pro80's and pair of MB8's together) and had friends with the NVS systems the Wetsounds are probably nicer speakers but the NVS sound and look better. The service is the same for both companies, EXCELLENT.
  2. yea hate to say it but I never got a really good wave either. I got it to be OK and was able to surf it but it never got clean like I've seen on other boats. The one thing that seemed to help was speed and all the weight in the back, it seemed like if you went 10mph on other boats it wanted like 13mph. Like others have said the 07 was not the boat for wake surfing but for wake boarding it's amazing. It never bothered me because I didn't like the surfing part anyway I got board to easily and just stuck to boarding or partying, both of which the boat does GREAT.
  3. Another for babes, my MB was 98% black and it was a constant battle but as long as I had a good coat of wax to begin with the babes would bring it back to perfect every time. I'd heard of the vinigar mix (and it would be much cheaper) but the babes worked for me and like was mentioned added a (very) little wax rather than remove it.
  4. Boat looks AMAZING, your right they are constantly making improvements but man what else can they do it looks like they've really hit the bulls-eye. Only thing I don't get is the modified X, yes it looks great it's just so close to the Mastercraft and the MB is so much nicer I don't understand going with such a similar graphic.
  5. With kids we normally ran 18-20 with no ballast, with beginning adults same weight but upped it to 20-21. Rope was normally ~65-70 foot. With the more experienced riders 70 foot 1/2 or better ballast and 22-24mph (whatever it took to really clean up the wake) the more ballast the more speed. From the riding I've done I found that as I got more confidence the speed didn't matter nearly as much as making sure the wake was clean. That and I liked the wake BIG, in my experience a little bigger ramp could help make up for a little missing technique
  6. Interesting when did they go back to fuses, especially glass? My Tomcat had all breakers under the dash.
  7. We didn't put a name on the MB but our new boat is registered as Deviant. The family MY is named Come Monday and the sailboat is 3/4 Time
  8. Provo, sorry if you took my comment wrong it wasn't meant to jump off the deep end or down anyone's throat it wasn't meant that way. I just wanted to make sure Nick knew you can't hook the batteries up as a 24 volt system on the boats. The rest of the electronics on board are not designed to run that way and it'll burn things up very quickly. The only way to safely get more cranking power is to hook more batteries up in parallel (ie + to + and - to -) that won't increase the voltage but will increase the CCA. I don't think that's the issue here though, I'd bet there's something wrong with
  9. Your batteries should absolutely NOT be wired in series, doing so will result in 24 volts, if you're trying to combine batteries parallel will allow for a larger reserve capacity and increased CCA while leaving the voltage alone. It does sound like the Perko may have something wrong. Has it always been like this or is this something new? If you recently took the boat to a car battery place they may not have hooked up a new battery properly. In a boat all batteries will have the grounds linked as there is no chassis to ground to but the connection of the positive terminal is very importa
  10. wow those speeds are impressive, my 23 Tomcat with the factory prop (14.5 X 14.5 I'm pretty sure) topped out at like 31-32, with the 13.5 X 17.5 I got like 35. That's with the 375 ZR6.
  11. I'll admit it sounds high to me as well but the guy that hauled it wasn't just a new owner he was a professional hauler. This may have just been something with that boat to. I have a feeling it may have been one of the first few built and it may have just been heavier than the rest but I know it was significantly heavier than an 08 B52 V23. I know this because another buddy has one of them and pulling his behind the same dually we used to tow mine you didn't even know it was back there. My old Tomcat squatted the back of the dually more than just about any other setup the truck owner tow
  12. Since there seems t be some interest I'll try and look up what it's worth and put it in the classifieds with Rich and you first in line.
  13. Just as an FYI it may be well worth your time to weigh your boats and trailers. I always knew my old Tomcat was heavy but had no idea how much so until I sold it. The boat was actually traded in on a new boat and when the delivery guy came to get it also commented it seemed to squat his truck way more than he expected a 23 foot wakeboard boat to. During the trek from Virginia to Oregon the guy has 5 flats and after being very frustrated finally stopped at a set of scales and the boat and trailer apparently weighed in at 7800 pounds!!!! This was a 07 23 Tomcat on the normal steel dual axle
  14. Glad to hear someone actually did that, I messed with it and wanted to do it for the last couple years but just never got around to pulling the floor. That is one thing I really wish they'd just have done at the factory or at least offered it as an option.
  15. Haven't been to the site in awhile but since I just sold mine I was feeling a little nostalgic so was reading and saw this. I've still got my old spare it's an Acme 817, 13.5X17.5 as well as the Acme prop kit which is really just the bag for the spare and the puller, a spare nut and a couple keys. I used it as a cruising prop on my old Tomcat, it's in near perfect shape, all edges etc are perfect it just doesn't have that new shine since it was used in salt water several times. Make me an offer.
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