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  1. Memorial will be tough for us with the baby boy coming in March. We are trying to trade our houseboat week with another owner for a week earlier in the summer before school starts. I'll let you know.
  2. Looks great Mark! She so needs to be photographed at Lake Powell next year!
  3. Way up north past Blue Notch at the "horn", almost to Hite. Never see another houseboat or wakeboat up there... only fishermen in bass boats. I dig the "isolation". Your pics look like you guys run out of Wahweap or AP?
  4. Try dumping the weight in the non-surf side. Our 2010 F21 likes lots of list to clean up the rooster tail. We don't have the plate. We run surf side full, non-surf side empty, 700-1200lbs lead/sac in the surf side rear locker, and all passengers on surf side. We move passengers forward or aft depending on speed and or board (short/long) to adjust the length of the pocket.
  5. Is it an option to order with electric brakes? We've never had anything but issues with surge brakes.
  6. port ballast full, starboard empty, 600lbs fat sack in port locker, 240lbs lead under port seats, driver, observers all on port moved forward or back depending on #, speed 11.5 MPH. for longboarding we had same as above, but no 600lbs fat sack, one observer standing or sitting on port side at rear, and 13-14MPH.
  7. Sorry, Youtube won't syndicate it to modile devices.
  8. We have a F21 with 2 speed and ZR409... we're in Colorado and like being able to yank the dock off it's pilings. The shift is noticeable, but smooth. I just give 1st time riders behind our boat a quick heads up that they will feel a slight hesitation when we hit 16-18mph. When we 1st go the boat we tried to prop it so that "hi" was like an overdrive. Tried 6 different props. Doesn't work that way. The gear ratios are set up such that "lo" is a granny gear and "hi" is the normal gear. Slalom wake is ok for a rec skier... helps to ski with a short line.
  9. HmmHmmHmm HUMP! :ohmy: Awesome!
  10. He tore his hamstring snapping on off the back of the houseboat... 1st time I've ever seen my old man miss.
  11. For some reason it won't let me click that box. Not sure if it's becuase I uploaded it in HD, or becuase of my song selection.
  12. I finally got around to editing the video from our family Lake Powell trip last summer. Enjoy.
  13. Stock surf side full, 540lbs of lead and water in the rear locker, 12.5mph, 150lbs driver and 150lbs observer sitting by the glovebox. Water was chopped out that afternoon... we usually save the glass for skiing and airchair.
  14. I disagree. I think dropping the tongue or parking on a downhill is much less of a pain for decontamination. Running that scalding hot water through ballast pumps, hoses, and water bags of a traditional wake boat cant be good. I bet the scalding hot water is enough to start to degrade the glue seams on the bags. Also, a bag never appears to completely dry out on the inside. I think the pure vert system (MB, Calabria, and now others) is far superior when it comes to the prevention of the spread of invasive mussels. We open the gates up when we pull up the boat ramp, and the ballast is alw
  15. forgot about the private lake thing... the life of a high roller! ;-) Are you doing the same thing for the dark side? Just stock ballast and people make the dark side wave on our boat great... too bad none of us are goofy foot.
  16. Go with lead bags (pop-products.com). You can borrow my four 60lbs lead bricks (2-gal gas cans) to test. My opinion is that it's not the amount of weight in the rear that is as important, it's that the weight needs to be concentrated on the rear outer edge of the boat (causing the most list). If you got 400lbs (ten bags) of pop bags you could put 5 in each locker, then when it's time to surf you just move five bags to the surf side. The only downside I see to this is for waterskiing (which I don't think you guys do) and trailering (for long hauls you'd probably want to throw the bags in th
  17. dtown

    New PCM?

    any of you insiders... Any talk of MB putting the new PCM XS-550SC in as an option? The low end torque of a sc sounds great for surfing and wakeboarding. Does the new XS550 meet CA emissions? Cheers, D
  18. I think it is common for most boats. Your dealer can still hook up the computer to the motor and get the actual engine hours.
  19. What lake? That is odd how you hit something hard enough to take out the rudder, but the prop was totally missed. Our prop is about 3" deaper than our rudder. Maybe it was a monstrous catfish who commited suicide and timed it perfectly and swam between the prop and rudder? Cost shouldn't be too bad. I'd bet the prop is more expensive than a rudder, and props are $450-$600 depending on which one. It starts to get real expensive if the prop shaft is bent. Glad to see another MB in the metro area! I dig the colors.
  20. We had a cover made for the tower... no more scraping bugs off after our trips to Powell and Lake Travis. Also had a new boat cover that will hopefully withstand our Rocky Mountain downpours while trailering.
  21. dtown


    We have a small one. We use a braided rope from Harbor Freight (cheap). I like braided line because it has a little bit of stretch... A little bit of give on the bow hook when the nose is bobbing up and down if rollers come by. We also use a quick cleat from that same company. Very handy for adjusting line length.
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