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  1. We would like to put a light tint on our windshield, but most of our crew wear polarized sunglasses. Does anyone make a window tinting film that does distort and look \"rainbowy\" when looking through it with polarized sunglasses?
  2. CrusrDug wrote: When we purchased the 2-speed we were hoping to be able to prop it so that the \"high\" gear would be more like a overdrive for cruising, and use the \"low\" gear as the primary gear. We tried a bunch of different props, and the gear ratios for the tranny just didn\'t work that way. The low gear is more like a granny gear and the high gear is the primary gear. We leave it in high gear if the ballast is empty and we have less than 6 people in the boat. The granny gear is sweet for a full ballast and boat full of people. I still do some slalom skiing... the granny gear
  3. I\'d be gald to... but, we will be at Lake Powell August 16 thru 29th.
  4. If you are running that kind of load often, you could try the 1615 prop. We did lots of testing with different prop sizes early this year. Our results wouldn\'t cary over because of the motor and elevation difference... But, we did like bigger diametet props in all scenarios (better hole shot, and top end). If you proped down more I would keep the 14.5 diameter and decrease the pitch (1615).
  5. I have noticed, even with our setup, that if you have 8-10 people in the back and no one in the front it does take longer to plane. Ask a couple of the bigger guys to move up next to the driver... if you put them in the bow you run the risk of chilly-diping the nose... If we put more than 350 lbs of people in our bow in choppy water, it acts like shovle.
  6. Are you at sea level? Elevation kills hp. We live and ride at 5,500 feet (Denver) elevation. We have the two speed tranny and the 409horse motor. The two speed is REALLY nice for full boat days. We can have the ballast full, 12 peeps in the boat, and it will still snap you out of the water.... none of us have the cahones (yet?) to charge hard at the wake when we are this full.
  7. 1) All 13 bricks (496lbs).. of course! That is the beauty of these bricks... you can easily move them around to tweek the wake. 2) If you want them all I\'ll sell for $300+shipping. Sorry, no lay-a-way plan.
  8. This off season I made myself some lead bricks for fine tuning the surf wake. The WW wakesurf gurus all say that lead ballast is the trick to getting a great surf wake... now I\'m a believer. Last winter I purchased about 1,000lbs of lead scrap. I cooked the lead down (turned out to be quite a chore and hastle) to make nice cake and bread loaf sized bricks. I am keeping half of the bricks for me, and selling the rest. So, I have 5 large bricks (about 13\"x9\"x2\" )ranging from 47lbs to 85lbs, and 8 small bricks (about 8\"x4\"x2\" ) that weigh 22lbs each that I want to sell. The bricks we
  9. This setup should work for you Wide Body owners as well... I was told that the two hulls are the same from the dashboard back.
  10. We went out this morning. I think we finally got a good surf wake on the regular side. We have the 21\' Tomcat. 800 lbs fat sac in the port rear locker (probably only 550 lbs full). Stock port side ballast full (800lbs). 700lbs of people on the port side as far back as possible. 150 lbs driver (starbord side). It was pretty choppy... but this was a vast impovement on the port side wave. I think the key to the port side wave is lots of list. With the stock ballast only, we can get a good wave if I stand up on the black pad of the gunwale, hold onto the tower and hang off the side
  11. As IXFE shows in his video, the darkside surf wake is sick, especially with a few people in the boat... Our regular side surf wake is marginal... lots of height and push, but not a clean lip. Has anyone with a F21 or widebody figured out a good weight setup for the regular side surf wake? I\'m going to try to do some experimenting this weekend.
  12. No tower speakers for us. In my opinion tower speakers do a better job of annoying other boaters and pissing of homeowners than pumping up the wakeboarder. We primarly wakesurf anyhow so the in boat speakers will do just fine... especially after we add an FAE. The stock sound system in the boat does sound great, especially for a stock system. Good observation on the racks. We only ordered one of the telescoping racks because we imidiatly removed the bunjie cord wakeboard tongs from the plate, then got my buddy to weld my airchair rack to the existing plate... now we have one swiveling
  13. I\'m sure my dealer would want some. How about using the same font that MB uses?
  14. Thanks for the compliments. We\'ve been waxing and rubbin on her every night. We are so excited. Unfortunately winter finally decided to show up in Denver today. Maybe it will warm up enough to go test the different prop by Sunday. We purchased the boat from Colorado Boat Center. They are an awsome family and are great to deal with. The buying experience was very painless and pleasant. We would highly recomend them to anyone who is looking for an MB in Colorado or southern Wyoming.
  15. It came with an ACME 1433 (14x14.25) prop. We just changed it to an ACME 1161 (13.5x16). Hopefully the weather will be decent enough tomorrow so we can go out after work and see if there is an improvement.
  16. Here are a couple of pics. Brother-inlaw, sister, Mom, Dad, me, wife.
  17. I should have been more clear. The holeshot is incredible... Too good. Top speed is only 35 mph at 5300 rpm. We need a steeper pitched prop. The dealer is going to work with us. I was just hoping to get an idea of what pitch prop you guys got on your boats used closer to sea level.
  18. Just a heads up... I noticed that all the cup holders have a drain hole in the bottom of them in our new F21. This is ok, except for the cup holder that is next to the glovebox is oriented directly above the audio amps. I\'m going to plug the hole in that cupholder. It would suck to have someones drink spill over and end up on the amp. Easy fix.
  19. We just picked up our new F21 Tomcat. I\'ll post up some pics tonight. We are stoked about the boat. The quality, fit, and finnish are incredible. I got a couple questions for you experts. 1. We took the boat to the lake for a quick orientation ride on Saturday with the gas tank only about 1/4 full. We filled her up with gas and went out again on Sunday. Same size crew. The boat was a lot more nose heavy, which I liked... except it made the less experienced drivers in the family a little nervous about chili-dipping it. Is the gas tank in this boat pretty far foward? Filling the
  20. The whole crew at AWS is incredible. Jay, the service manager, is friggen awsome!
  21. Thanks for the input so far guys. I am hoping to hear from at least one person that has it on there boat. The dealer where we live, says that because of our altitude, the two speed is the way to go.... I\'m hoping that they aren\'t just wanting the additional money for the optiuon.
  22. :ohmy: Hey guys, I\'m new to the MB forum. I am seriously considering ordering a 2009 F21. We are dead set on getting the ZR-409 motor and possibly the two speed tranny. We do live and ride at an elevation between 8,000-5,000 feet. We primarly wakesurf, some airchair... and slalom ski when we get Lake Powell glass. How many of you have the 2 speed trany? Have you had problems with it? Is it worth it? Is it overkill with the ZR-409 and the 2-speed? Do you wakesurf with it in the low or high gear? Does the 2-speed give you better fuel economy when cruising (30ish mph)? Tha
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