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  1. I previously had a 2001 Calabria VTS Sport Comp. I had to pull the floor on it a couple times to work on some things. That's the one thing I had already researched and found a post on this forum, with pics, of removal of the floor: I figure I'll try to work on this a few weeknights...remove the floor one day, make sure I have the right pump that works (because I had already ordered one a day after posting this), install, then replace the floor. Thankfully, I keep a Tusnami pump on my boat and had to use it once last year to pump water out when I forgot the plug and discovered the bilge pump wasn't working. Thanks to all who have replied.
  2. I've done my best search the owner's manual I have, within these groups, and via Google, but no luck and no picture. Does anyone know what particular model Bilge Pump would have been installed in a 2007 MB B52 V23? Does MB use the same one in all models they built or are currently building? I'm ordering some other parts for my beginning of the season maintenance, and would like to get everything I need with one order. Is it an all-in-one bilge pump that has the float switch built-in? My previous boat had a separate bilge pump and float switch, so I just want to get the correct pump (and/or parts) and take care of all the work in one maintenance instance than have to take things apart over multiple times. Thanks, B
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