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  1. Fully loaded, Priced to sell at LOW AVERAGE NADA price $49,500 OBO call with any questions 949-636-8893. You can see full ad on Craigslist for Inland Empire CA. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/boa/6708365360.html For some reason I am unable to copy and paste the ad copy from CL to this website? Its also listed at onlyinboards.com Located in Southern California, Canyon Lake CA. Thanks Rich
  2. have you used this system? Thanks Rich
  3. Does the 2315 fit with enough clearance? seeing its 15" vs 14.5" of the 2079 . Does that half inch really make a huge difference? Thanks Rich
  4. Thanks guys I forgot to mention i was planning on getting a 2079
  5. I know this has been beat to death and i know there are newer props out. What prop worked best for you for surfing. I am looking to fill both stock 900s and ad 750 in riding corner with 400 in bow. Located in Southern California. I have the trim tab. I currently have the 1433. The 1433 works with riding side 900 full , non riding side 3/4-1/2., 750 in riding side locker and 400 in bow. looking to try something different with more weight in the boat. Thanks in advance Rich
  6. I forgot to lube mine the last few outings. I am able to open and close them manually. When the boat is out of the water and i have someone at the rear of the boat wactching the gate under the swim step, i hit the switch they can hear clicking. I am thinking the motor is trying to work but some sort of debris got in the gate.. what do you guys think? Has anyone one heard the "clicking" before Rich
  7. we will be out again this year. you going again?
  8. We have a 1100 lb Pro X Series Jumbo V-Drive Surf SacLooking to trade for a 750lb Pro X Series Jumbo V-Drive Surf SacLocated in So Cal let me know if your interested. Rich
  9. Anyone interested in buying my wetsounds Rev 8s? Used for 2 seasons. In excellent conditon. I removed and bagged them after every use. Will come with the westsuit fabric bags and clamps. They are black in color. How does 800$ plus shipping sound? Located in southern California Cheers Rich
  10. ok thanks for teh reply... whats the difference on performance 2079 vs 2315?? i see the 2315 is a 15 inch.. will that still fit under a 2012 Tomcat? Cheers Rich
  11. the 2079 is the prop needed for heavier weight right?? isnt thi sthe one most guys use to replace the stock 1433?
  12. definitely interested. Be rolling out from So Cal Lake Elsinore area. sounds like a blast!!
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