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  1. Can’t see underneath nor get my hand in far enough to really tell. I do feel a screw. I tried my earnest to spin that thing and can’t do it. Nor the smaller one closer to the bow. So odd. Maybe it’s seized , can’t even think of a tool to help. A massive Pipe wrench maybe.
  2. I’m pretty sure under this circle plate is access to my fuel tank which I want to pump out. I’ve tried prying but that’s not working. Only other idea is to remove the flooring to get at some screws. ??? Is that really what I need to do ?
  3. Hey all. Again need a bit of help - anyone know the best way to do this ? I’ve tried the ol hose and suck as well as a hose and compressed air. Can’t get any fuel to come out although could be related to boats angle on my driveway. I have an old 1/8 tank in here I need to get rid of. Any one know how to drain ?
  4. Thank you. I don’t have Facebook. One of the few I know. Guess I’ll trade my social media freedom for burning in heaven on the lake.
  5. Hi. Long story short I have my 2017 f21 here in Canada but my bimini is at our lake place in the us (where the boat usually is). Does anyone want to rent me a suitable bimini from Thursday to Sunday - will pay 250$ - plus damage deposit. I know it’s an odd long shot question but figured I’d better ask since temps are near the 40s ! This week
  6. I’ve switched the plug for Center plate with one of the side ones. Change surf side and you should find out if your center plate motor is working or not.
  7. Yep happened to me with the 17 f21 - ridiculous, smashed my dash lucky no kid was sitting with head, arms or legs in the area.
  8. Makes sense it should be up when towing. Can’t remember the way it was when I towed it down here from dealer a year or so ago. I’m Leaning towards the tower was up. Thanks for the reply’s.
  9. My support wires snapped on a 17 f21. I need to tow back about 400km to dealer - I can’t see any issues towing with tower up , seen others do it as well, but wanted to ask in case I’m missing something. Tower can be lowered but there’s nothing stopping it from resting on seats and dash which has done damage when the wires snapped on way down.
  10. Seems a little early for this to happen but after half a dozen issues the last week it has - the tower damaged the dash and of course is extremely heavy , blew my own oring getting it back up. Both sides cables snapped, was easy enough to take part off, any experiences getting new ones back on ?
  11. I’ve tried the power cycling and waiting for the start up sequence. I’ve noticed the plates themselves don’t reset like they’ve used to. The side plates do work when boat is on and deploy correctl but the cav plate won’t. Actuator and switch work (have been tested ). Curious if there’s a setting in the computer to turn this on as I lost full power over winter. Anyone have any advice or a dealer code to get into computer settings ?
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