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  1. Wife hates camel, tan or brown.......and probably peanut butter.....I guess???
  2. The problem is, I’m not sure what blue matches the metallic blue steel.
  3. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on interior selections? I want to avoid white if possible. Exterior-white/charcoal/metallic blue steel Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 2018 B52 23ft Jet black/charcoal (pearl)/true blue (pearl) Indmar Raptor 6.2 L 440 Tower speaker package B 208 hours Otherwise has all options $83,000 any questions, let me know.
  5. Assuming the 2018 b52 is the same, Unscrew from exterior. Takes 5 min. Look on amazon for led replacements. I replaced mine with these:
  6. Thanks for the advice. Will give it a try. We use the boat every weekend. Sits on a covered dock year round.
  7. 2018 B52 23 440 The ballast control levers have never been easy to move up and down but recently It is getting more difficult. Any thoughts on how to help this? Lubrication point? Thanks
  8. My young kids have done well with the Hyperlite gromcast.
  9. Found old post that recommended disconnecting batteries. Did so and now it works. Who knows. Thanks Oldsmobiledriver.
  10. Well. Went and tried it again. Still does not work. It is like there is no connection to surf tabs and cavitation plate. Any other thoughts? Worked fine in the fall. This is the first time this spring that we have tried to surf. Thanks for the input In advance.
  11. Hmmm. Interesting. My nephew fired up the boat while I was pulling anchor. Will check tomorrow morning and report back. I hope that it is something that simple. Thanks for the info
  12. 2018 23ft b52. Went out today and tried to surf. Tabs would not move. Cavitation plate would not move when attempted on switch. Annoying horn would not sound when switching surf sides. Is there a fuse or a breaker that controls this? Thoughts? Advice? Thanks in advanced.
  13. 2018 23 ft B52 and newer: Has anyone attempted to separate the cockpit and tower lights to use the switch as it was intended? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I’m not sure why it wasn’t wired at the factory this way.......I presume laziness and poor quality control????
  14. 2018 b52. The starboard bag empties within approx 2 min when the valve is opened. The port bag takes about 10 times longer. Any thoughts?
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