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  1. The Dealer can get it from the factory. There like $50 bucks!
  2. What he said! It is so nice! And SSSSSOOOOO QUIET!
  3. If its a 23 it should have come with FAE.. So my need a re-prop, or there has been some that put hush mat or something. The thing that is really funny is that the 575 is super quite, not sure why.
  4. I have had the ford for 2 weeks and almost have 2400 on it.... I do a lot of driving. Right now its a 140 miles round trip for work
  5. Well I got my new truck! loving the room and power of the Ford!
  6. Yep still love them! Would never go back!
  7. I also have a 2016 in red metallic. Not sure what color your looking for.
  8. I had a 03 F-350 single tire with that 7.3 in it. Great truck!!! But I drive to much for work now, that truck would have over 500K if I was still driving it.
  9. So for some reason I’m liking the ford
  10. Well I have 200K on my 2015 Ram 2500. Its time for a new one. So 2020 Ford or Ram? Chevy/GMC are out for me. I do not like there front independent suspension. The 2020 Ram interior is really nice, and love the big screen. Other than that all the running gear is the same. The 2020 Ford interior is nice, but not as good as the Ram. The running gear has been updated to a 10 speed transmission, and upped the HP and Torque to 1050! So let here your thoughts and pro and cons. Thanks Adam
  11. I love the wave of the 25 LSV that I rode last year! It was supercharged, and i would do the same. I think that they changed the Haul in 18 on it, may have been 19. The 23 LSV get the M6 motor for sure!
  12. Don I found our boat for next year! Might be a little small tho... LOL
  13. As Don said, I drove the beast! It was not to bad and Also had my boat in tow. The one thing that it did not want to stay strait and turns like a PIG! But if you can drive a wake boat you will not have any problems with it. Also if you have a problem backing off the shore, trun the wheel and forward turning the boat back and fourth. This will help get it lose.
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