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  1. The same thing happened to my boat. It was if they didn’t even look at the options that were ordered.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the new Alpha has a depth alarm? My 2017 Tomcat had an alarm you could set and I can’t seem to find one on my new boat.
  3. I see you can now order the skylon racks with the 23 alphas. Prior to a couple months ago the upgrade was only the clamping racks. Can anyone tell me if these are the vertical skylon racks like the ones on the 24’s or are these the horizontal. I see a pic of a 23a at TBS and they are the horizontal skylon racks. Not sure if they were added on after. Thanks
  4. Currently looking at ordering a new Alpha B52 but don't want to dismiss the 22A. I currently have a 2018 Tomcat and thought the wave was ok. I've always heard the surf wave on the 23 was better than the 22's. The 22A looks to be a bit deeper than the 23A. Does anyone have any input on the A22 wave vs the B52A or actually surfed behind either? Appreciate any feedback, thanks!
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