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  1. Sorry no help here cause we only surf….but I had to reply cause your boat is beautiful!
  2. Move more people/add more weight to the bow. I’m running at 6000’ altitude and it seems whenever we dont have enough people in the bow the nose is too high and we just push water, and the boat struggles to get up 11.5, which is what we run. Plus as an added benefit it elongates the wave. Oh yeah and we run 300# in the bow but going to bump it up to 600# so we dont need everyone in bow.
  3. Update - so I connected with Larsen and they told me MB stopped supporting them for warranty items, so unfortunately they were unable to help me. For the actuator I was told I need to find another dealer to get diagnosed and replacement….less than ideal. And for the Exile audio it gets even worse - since MB is now using JL, they no longer support Exile warranty items and I need to working directly with Exile. Not the best customer experience . . .
  4. Sorry if not clear, but I’m the original owner.
  5. Hey All….this past trip both my cav plate and stereo stopped working and unfortunately I am 5 hours away from my dealership (Larsen), so looking for most efficient way to handle these fixes. Cav switch has power so assuming its the actuator. And the Exile Bluetooth controls work and the amp seems to work, but still no sound coming out. so assuming its the controls unit that has an issue. Quick question for those that may know….Don perhaps? When i got my 2019 F21, it came with limited paperwork re manuals and warranty. I found a warranty doc on MB’s site that talks about the 3 ye
  6. Just 300# lead. You could for sure handle more weight up front which would keep you from having to place adults in the bow.
  7. Never measured pitch and angles as GSA isnt adjustable on 2019’s. But what works great for us - we weight the boat evenly with everything full (sub floor & piggy backs) and place 300# of lead in bow, then have atleast 1 adult in the bow as well. Makes for an amazing wave both sides. Good luck!
  8. My buddy has a MC X23 (their “surf boat”) and have surfed it many times, and its fine. But its wave is nowhere near as clean and with as much push as my ‘19 F21.
  9. Thats great. Does it impact the wave at all?
  10. Anyone know if those hinges are available and if they work on 2019 F21 cushions?
  11. Welcome and yes there are some subtle thing you can do to get the wave better considering the f21 should be killer. Assuming your ‘17 F21 has GSA and is similar enough to my ‘19, here’s what works best for us - start by filling sub floor & piggy back tanks in rear lockers.This will make your nose pretty high while underway which creates a super steep wave close to the boat. You counteract this 2 ways: 1) speed - take your speed up tp 11.5 as opposed to the stock set up of 10.8 (as i recall) - this will make the wave longer, cleaner and more fun 2) bow weight - by plac
  12. Haha thats rad.....nice find!! Probably would have run with that if i had found it. But the extreme rack works great as we us it for an 8’ ocean board on the star side and you can easily and more securely than stock put 2 wake surfboards on the port. Plus can put 2 more on bimini, so im loaded up. Looking forward to see someone work with these!
  13. You bet, and as luck would have it the price went down 5 bucks....haha https://www.walmart.com/ip/Extreme-Max-3006-8453-Aluminum-Surfboard-Wall-Cradle/643821137?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0
  14. I had to relocate the bungees because I used holes to mount the top of each rack to create the outward angle. It was a simple swap as I just put the bungees in the original top rack screw holes. And for securing the boards, I run the bungee from the back of the rack to the bottom of the board and then over the top and secure it at the overlap where the racks swivel. Sounds complicated but not - boat at lake right now but can take/post pics later next time im there.
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