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  1. Looking to add a light bar to my tower for some night surfing anybody got any suggestions. 2nd Question I would also like to add a light where the drain plug is located would love any links a product someone has purchased other happy with. thanks guys
  2. Has anyone put a surf gate on their 2020 Mb would it help clean up the top of the wave . had a pro rider on my boat the other day he mentioned they put it on all the boats he rides.
  3. Was at the lake and hit a little sand dune just wanted just to make sure i flushes it. Not sure if it’s closed cooling. Boat is a 2020 MB B52 I just picked up a fake the lake attachment now just need to locate the water intake. any advise should I worry I hit the sand or no big deal.
  4. Hello I have a 2020 B52 & I have quick question how do I flush out the engine. where do I connect the water Hose to, do I need anything to attached the hose too the boat. thank you
  5. Hello question is what does the first 3 services include and how much should they bring charging. 20 hour service = 50 hour service = 100 hour service =
  6. Yes I order speaker package C That’s not cool that option wasn’t available. And now it is super annoyed about that.
  7. Why is there some 2020 B52 with a Digital dash and some without When I ordered my 2020 there was no option for a digital dash I’m not too happy about not having a Digital dash
  8. To be honest we got the boat end of summer, so we only got an hour on it before having to winterize it. So dieing for spring to get here.
  9. I know I was looking so forward to that.
  10. Hello Just FYI I spoke with the MB customer service and in the 2020s even when you pick 3 vent heaters they are not putting a vent under the drives feet. You only get the 2 extendible heater hoses.
  11. Awesome Guys thanks everyone for all the help and warm welcome to the MB family.
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