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  1. That's what I was thinking. Just curious if anyone has done it...more for moral support before I tear into my pristine B52! And to learn from their mistakes. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I have a 2017 B52 23, I believe in 2018 you could get the sea deck walk through pads on top of the rear hatchs, as well as the rear seat cushion. Has anybody modified theirs to do that or or do you know if purchasing factory ones are possible. I'm sure an upholstery shop could get that done just curious if anybody has. I can't be the only one who wants this. Thanks
  3. Looks like you can remove the whole panel on the inside of the tower. Bunch of stainless screws. I took off the smaller panel, can't get to the mechanism. Have to remove the large one.
  4. Not yet, dealership wants 600 to do it. Parts only cost $60 according to parts guy. Going to tear it apart after the season and do it myself. At least I'll know how to fix it. Been doing it manually, hard on the back..but what you gonna do. Did it smack your gelcoat and chip it like mine did?
  5. I would look at side by side sites, tons of flag holder options from companies into that sort of thing. Especially with a round tube tower, similar to roll cages. Thats where I would look anyway...good luck.
  6. Well, apparently 60 bucks for parts and 500ish for labor...looks like I have a project.
  7. Ok, so this morning I lowered my tower to pull out so we could head to Roosevelt lake, I saw one of the cables frayed, was not frayed a week ago when I put it in the garage. I lifted up the tower to see if it was going to function, and all 4 cables snapped and my tower slammed onto the gel coat behind the drivers seat and took a chunk out! Not happy...freaking tower is Heavy. No damage to the tower, works fine locked in. That was long...but has anyone had this happen, if so were you able to find the parts, and fix it yourself. Havent took it apart to see how they work, but looks like a pain i
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