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  1. Hi All, Pulled my 2015 F22 boat out and made the following discoveries. 1. Engine mounts looks squished to me and should probably be replaced. Larson in Sacramento is telling me 3 weeks to even look at the boat. 2. Called Elberts on the prop shaft and they were super helpful. I told them I have the 54.5 shaft and he said the majority of shafts that were breaking were 44.7 3. Boat has the Glide dripless seal shaft which is great! (thought his year came with PSS stock) 4. Does not have the aluminum safety ring so I will order that tonight just so I don't lose my prop http://www.hardin-marine.com/p-30848-billet-aluminum-prop-shaft-collars.aspx What do you guys think based on the photos? Should I take it to Larson and have them switch the mounts and align? Or should I use it for the summer (hopefully) and get them replaced at the end of the season? I don't have the tools to switch myself.
  2. Wow Bobby that is a tight fit! Thanks for the measurement Orange. I am moving into the new house next month. Thinking I am going to have to go diagonal and size down on tires.
  3. Hi Orange, It is a 2015. I bought it from AWS Boats in Forth Worth. Its around a 5 hour drive to the beach so I believe it was fresh water only. That is what the dealer told me at least... I thought there was a decent amount of corrosion but it's mostly just dirty. The water at Eagle Mountain lake has some silt in it apparently. Does anyone have any recommendations on a bilge cleaner? Seems like I could use it. I will look at new props if Tahoe ever opens. Right now just hoping to get out on Folsom at some point. Any ideas on the MB logo rippling? Is that normal? Should I reach out them?
  4. Hi All, Finally got the boat out of storage! Did a thorough cleaning and had a couple of questions. 1. Being new to boats, is there anything that catches your eye in the below photos? The boat has 127 hours and was freshwater only in Texas. 2. Is it worth cleaning the engine bay? 3. Does anything appear to be leaking? The liquid at the bottom did not appear to be oil. I did just wash the boat. I will check again. 4. The prop appears to be a Acme 1235. Given the current state of the world, don't think I will be going to Tahoe this summer. Any issues running this at 4000 lbs ballast in sea level in Folsom? 5. Does anyone else have this issue with the MB logo bubbling? What can be done about this? Thanks!
  5. Just ordered the 4’9” Lib Tech Yachtsea!!! The price was too good! Thanks for all the advice! Anyone want to buy a New Ronix Modelo Stub Fish?
  6. Hey OrangeTJ hope to see you out on Folsom this summer if this crazy lockdown ever ends. I found a great deal on a Lib Tech YachtSea Anybody ride the Air'n and the YachtSea? 4'9 size ok? If I were to get a Doomswell Nubstep what size would you suggest? 4'6" or 4'8"? I'm 6ft 185 pounds
  7. Awesome thanks everyone. I like the idea of the Lib Tech being durable but still surfing well. I'll surf the two boards I have and sell the one I like less. I will keep an eye out for the Lib Tech Air N and hope one goes on sale!
  8. Hi All, Just bought my first F22 and am new to wake surfing. I tried it once on a G25 and was hooked. I picked up the below boards thinking they would be good board boats but the more I read makes me think I should up my budget and maybe just get one boat board. Got both for around $200 each. I am 6ft around 185. The weight range will be around 150-250 pounds Hyperlite Broadcast 5"4'- Easy to get up on and everyone can ride https://www.evo.com/outlet/wakesurf-boards/hyperlite-broadcast-board-2019 Ronix Modelo Snub Nose- Shape looks fun and appears to be durable https://www.evo.com/outlet/wakesurf-boards/ronix-modello-stub-fish-board-2019?image=149634/608566/ronix-modello-stub-fish-wakesurf-board-2019-.jpg&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgrXlsZr46AIVBavsCh38TQIiEAQYByABEgJlRvD_BwE Was considering upping my budget and picking up one of the below and selling one of the cheap ones. What do you guys think? Am I doing this right? Soul Craft is not in my budget right now and want a selection of different boards. What do people think of the Lib Tech boards? I always liked their snowboards. Lib Tech Yacht Sea https://www.evo.com/wakesurf-boards/lib-tech-yacht-sea-board?image=134144/551921/lib-tech-yacht-sea-wakesurf-board-2020-.jpg&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzMuX6Jn46AIVhK_sCh2TsALxEAQYASABEgK0yvD_BwE Doomswell Nub Step https://www.evo.com/outlet/wakesurf-boards/doomswell-nubstep-board-2019#image=151354/615370/doomswell-nubstep-wakesurf-board-2019-.jpg
  9. Hi Bobby, What type of trailer do you have and what wheel size are you running? I am guessing 14? Snow1 the garage is stucco and it would be a decent size job. I get your point though. Trying to make this as easy as possible!
  10. Cannot see images on new website with Mac Everything was fine until the new site went live. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  11. Yes I was researching if there was a way to just dip the bow of the boat down to below trailering position just to get the windshield and folded tower in Almost like a floor jack or something similar That way assuming the length is sufficient I could just back up the trailer to the windshield and then offload the trailer and hook it up to a tow hitch that was lower than my truck. Sounds like the Trailer Valet does not get low enough. Hoping there was some other option.
  12. Awesome thanks everyone! I'll let you know how it all went once we move in!
  13. If anyone has the total length of the F22 with trailer tongue bent that would be awesome Does anyone out there have an F22 on 14inch wheels? Can you verify how tall it is with the tower down and steering wheel lowered? The Trailer Valet looks like an interesting idea. That would help me pivot at an angle assuming I can get it in the garage
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