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  1. Usually 4-5 people no bow ballast
  2. Hi TJ the boat is a 2015 F22 with 4000lbs ballast. Do you recommend me changing to your settings?
  3. Also willing to trade for Doomswell 5’ Neo or Nubstep
  4. Is the consensus I should be in the furthest up position? Does it really make that much of a difference?
  5. Board is 2021 all white. Rips but looking for a higher volume board. I’m Sacramento/ Tahoe area
  6. Hi I know this is old but the light on the right ballast switch went out and it does not appear to work. You think it is the actual gate or just the fuse? 2015 F22 any tips would be appreciated
  7. For me I filled up and didn’t turn it to prime first before starting. As long as I prime it and then turn on it runs perfect
  8. Skibum did you ever figure out what was going on? I just filled up gas today and right afterwards my boat when into limp and I could not go above 18mph and 3k RPM.
  9. Hi All, Pulled my 2015 F22 boat out and made the following discoveries. 1. Engine mounts looks squished to me and should probably be replaced. Larson in Sacramento is telling me 3 weeks to even look at the boat. 2. Called Elberts on the prop shaft and they were super helpful. I told them I have the 54.5 shaft and he said the majority of shafts that were breaking were 44.7 3. Boat has the Glide dripless seal shaft which is great! (thought his year came with PSS stock) 4. Does not have the aluminum safety ring so I will order that tonight just so I don't lose my prop
  10. Wow Bobby that is a tight fit! Thanks for the measurement Orange. I am moving into the new house next month. Thinking I am going to have to go diagonal and size down on tires.
  11. Hi Orange, It is a 2015. I bought it from AWS Boats in Forth Worth. Its around a 5 hour drive to the beach so I believe it was fresh water only. That is what the dealer told me at least... I thought there was a decent amount of corrosion but it's mostly just dirty. The water at Eagle Mountain lake has some silt in it apparently. Does anyone have any recommendations on a bilge cleaner? Seems like I could use it. I will look at new props if Tahoe ever opens. Right now just hoping to get out on Folsom at some point. Any ideas on the MB logo rippling? Is that norma
  12. Hi All, Finally got the boat out of storage! Did a thorough cleaning and had a couple of questions. 1. Being new to boats, is there anything that catches your eye in the below photos? The boat has 127 hours and was freshwater only in Texas. 2. Is it worth cleaning the engine bay? 3. Does anything appear to be leaking? The liquid at the bottom did not appear to be oil. I did just wash the boat. I will check again. 4. The prop appears to be a Acme 1235. Given the current state of the world, don't think I will be going to Tahoe this summer. Any issues running this at 400
  13. Just ordered the 4’9” Lib Tech Yachtsea!!! The price was too good! Thanks for all the advice! Anyone want to buy a New Ronix Modelo Stub Fish?
  14. Hey OrangeTJ hope to see you out on Folsom this summer if this crazy lockdown ever ends. I found a great deal on a Lib Tech YachtSea Anybody ride the Air'n and the YachtSea? 4'9 size ok? If I were to get a Doomswell Nubstep what size would you suggest? 4'6" or 4'8"? I'm 6ft 185 pounds
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