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  1. If you really want to run full syn, I would email indmar and see what they think but they have this in manual: 360, 400 and 440 Models – Semi-synthetic 5W-30 oil meeting the API rating of SN 460 and SC575 Models – Fully synthetic 15W-50 oil meeting the API rating of SN
  2. mxvet

    Best prop

    If looking at buying a new prop, the 3407 (15.5") was better, but not enough to buy it when I had the 2247 already. Lower rpm, tad better holeshot, and slightly less GPH.. You have to watch for gel burn although I never saw any hint of burn in the 8-10 engine hours I had it on. Top Speed reduced by 5PMH
  3. How did this get missed? Its already Sept 15th!! Some zombie board action... water temp dropped 10 degrees to 67 in Colorado at 6000 ft.
  4. same here,,, also keeps the impeller from drying out. They will actually last many seasons.
  5. In my experience (on my 4th MB), you use the warranty the most in the first 50 hrs of a new boat. Currently Indmar has 5 yr drive-train warranty, so anything outside of that is usually individual component failures which are normally nothing major. I think the used market is bloated now, most have "missed the boat" unless its something specific someone is looking for.
  6. Have you considered buying a lightly used boat? 2020 or 2019?
  7. so this is which engine? curious why it had to be updated, seems this would be an issue for others and a recall of sorts.
  8. demo a 400 and then demo a 575... you will see the light
  9. yes, one for each side. I use allen head bolts and just finger tighten them. We drive on about 2.5 miles of heavy washboard dirt road. Trailer has had the spare arm mount welds break. Everything else seems to be ok.
  10. Rubber box seal (mine only leaked under load, tough one to find), shaft seal, ballast pumps hose connections (had this), hard ballast valve junction, or leaking hard ballast tanks or bags. I also check the bilge float every oil change. I have had to replace 2 of them in previous boats
  11. We tow with the tower down and tower-down-cover on exclusively every week on the 2019. No issues - we do use the triangle brackets that they ship the boats with though and the cover seems to keep tension (downward) on the tower. Previous boat (2016) I towed with speakers on and tower up, had 2 speaker mounts break. Removed speakers for the tow after that.
  12. I spent about 1.5 hrs on a 2021 paragon w/the new engine and auto thruster on our private lake about 2 weeks ago. It is by far the best surf wake I have been on. I drove the boat while pulling a couple surfers as well. I did notice it didn't cut through the chop as well as your traditional v nose boats - had some bow bounce. The Paragon is unbelievably nice all around, but I think I'd spend my money on a lambo or a plane or a vacation house or .... :0
  13. unless you take a roller over the bow or over the rear, you should never need to run the bilge. You definitely have something leaking.
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