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  1. :::Sold:::: Went to a guy in CA -- look for it at Lake Berryessa. He says its amazing with the 575 -- runs 2900 RPM at surf speeds full ballast.. best part is it gets there in 2 secs and is super quiet. Best motor option available for MB boats IMO.
  2. Theres a ton of useful info under these toggles, most people have zero clue about.
  3. Still up for sale. This is the best deal out there....
  4. We use it every week as we travel dirt roads. Its great and keeps everything clean. You do need to get the triangular supports for the tower tho. No negatives I can see. As with all covers, to avoid rubbing, they need to be cinched down very tight.
  5. Ready to move this boat,,, send offers!
  6. ^^^ Pictures are good, but real world comparison is the only option.
  7. Moving to our 5th MB -- so our 2019 is for sale. Excellent condition and those that have been in a 575 boat or own one, know its on another level! Located in Colorado https://boulder.craigslist.org/boa/d/erie-2019-mb-sports-b52-23-wake-boat/7386023493.html
  8. The 575 is a great motor and has served us well at 5000 FT. The 450 motor that is in the G23 is a beast though and we could have saved a few $$$ over the 575 and some $$ on gas as well if MB had a comparable engine to offer. If I had one wish though - I'd go with 17" prop and 2:1 tranny. Would make all motors a ton more efficient!
  9. Personally I'd love to see a few things that frankly don't cost a ton before a new model is introduced: 1. 17" prop and 2:1 tranny 2. add back the 460 Raptor or switch to another mfg 3. Better insulating engine compartment to reduce noise 4. deeper seating 5. sharper front hull to cut through rough water (this might cost more )
  10. no auto bilge ? Really? I have seen them fail and not work, but for them not to put one in, thats crazy.
  11. You never want to sit idle for extended amount of time with full ballast. It will pull the water in through the exhaust. Centurion has/had this problem and I've heard it can happen to any boat. On another note, I had water coming in after running the boat for 30 minutes or so. I could not for the life of me find the source. Sitting idle floating after launch the hull would remain dry. I filled ballast tanks on the trailer, check shaft seal, hoses etc... Then I found it. I took the side off the motor and looked by the rubber box and I saw a tiny slow bubble coming up from the rudder mount. I though this is crazy but I can see it coming in drip by drip. So we ran the boat while I watched and wouldn't ya know it that tiny drip turn into a good sized leak under way as water was forced into. Sealed up the outside of the rudder mount with adhesive/silicon. never an issue. If the float on your bilge is working, you would have noticed it kicking on with that much water coming in to swamp the motor. I check that thing religiously before each trip - why didn't the original one work?
  12. 460 wasn't adopted soon enough by consumers so MB nixed it. Said it required larger exhaust and different surf pipe diameter etc. I also feel the 460 would have been great. Its the go to motor in tige and supra at 5000'.. Hey MB, can you give us the 460, 17" prop, 2:1 tranny, and sharper bottom v nose please? Now we talkin
  13. I tow with the cover(s) - either tower down or up cover (yes, I have both) 95% of the time and have done so with all my previous MBs. Never a problem and I would challenge you to find a mark made by the cover. The key is to ratchet it on super tight,,,, I mean you can't hardly get another click
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