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  1. It will probably be a real long time before we see premium price of $1.59 again. This was from 3 weeks ago. Already hiked to $1.87 today. This time last year - $3.19, so can’t complain too much!
  2. I've gone through 2 honu's due to heavy impressions from my heel. (replaced by SC) running 4'8 on it as well. I have wct fins on it and its lightning fast. easiest board to recover on that I've ridden.
  3. 4'6 seems a bit short? I'm 205 6'2" and ride 4'8 IMO the biggest/steepest wake is actually much tougher to mix different tricks in. As long as the wake has room for a couple pumps, has push, and some ramp, you are good to go. I've started experimenting with less bag weight in the rear and bow. The 18/19 23' actually makes a ride-able wake with no ballast bags at all, just hard tanks.
  4. thats pretty cool! I have mixed feelings about the ownership change tho.
  5. 2017 made a change to the swim deck shape and position from 2016. Switching to a 2017 swim platform and brackets made a big difference on my 2016 wake size and push. Did nothing cosmetically though.
  6. P5 Scamp is the standby for this and they can ride it up to 120lbs. I just sold ours after having for 4-5 years for $100, new I think they are around $250
  7. In great condition, located in Colorado. This would be for the kid that can surf pretty well already. $350
  8. I just had one break as well... dang it!
  9. Also I noticed in your picture, MB put a very large access panel over the fuel tank. Finally!
  10. cool! I've done the same process for my overhead wakesurf racks. 1/2" HDPE.
  11. Looks great! Did you cut the HDPE yourself? Where did your get the material from and how much?? Did you hinge it?
  12. I just had a loose hose clamp to deal with, so I'm kinda familiar with this topic. The label on the coolant res says to use propylene glycol, but they come from the factory with pentofrost A4 (pink) in them or similar - not so sure how enviro friendly they are. Do not get it on your hands! All the indmar motors are Fresh water cooling half systems. The raw water cools the exhaust manifolds. If you are running in salt water or lakes with water type similar to pyramid lake in Nevada, you'll want to flush out the raw water after running. Coolant is supposed to be changed out after 2 years.
  13. I agree, the 400 with the props available does have to run higher rpm to carry the weight of MB at elevation. Lower RPMs and you will be stuck with having only 2 people on board and 10.6 MPH tops. If you have been on the higher end boats at elevation lately, they are soooo much quieter at surf speeds - which is appealing to a lot of people (also why there's a thread on adding sound deadening material.) I wish MB kept the 460 in the lineup, (or similar) as this hp/torque spec is so common with the top 4 manufacturers at elevation BUT they are also running 17" props. My friends 2019 G23 with H6 runs around 3200 RPM and just hums along quietly with 6 ppl on board. The challenge with 400/440 at elevation and tiny prop is to balance noise, power and fuel efficiency. The 15.5" prop has only been around for maybe 18 months? and has limited sizes. MB doesn't use them (or recommend) cause of the tight clearance and possible gel burn. When they do a full redo of the B52, I bet they allow for at least 16" prop. I was disappointed they didn't go with 17" on the F24.
  14. at the top of the motor on the observer side you will see a u shaped hose about 10" long and two long hoses going toward the front of the boat just sitting there unconnected. remove the u-shaped hose and connect the two hoses. Then prepare to add probably a gallon or more of coolant- (special propylene glycol). The motor has to get to 165 temp before it will start consuming coolant.
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