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  1. That sucks. My banter with the homophobes here should not dissuade you from posting. What you and your family has endured and continues to endure pales by comparison. You should stick around.
  2. The difference between butt hurt poseurs in lifted trucks and rednecks that can't spell? Nothing.
  3. To seriously answer your question, someone buys a four door Porsche vs. lifting a truck with pinner poseur tires because they enjoy driving. It's really simple. It's about habving more fun. It tows really well (despite so many silly claims here) and when the boat isn't behind it I can have fun flogging it in the snow up to the ski resorts, on backcountry logging roads or just on the way to the beach with four people inside. It's a great road trip vehicle with four bikes hanging off the back too. It's a nice compromise when I can't drive my other Porsche...
  4. Feel better now? You only have yourself to blame for your funny poseurmobile. You need to own that rather than being so embarrassed.
  5. Then why did you waste so many words trying to defend said funny truck? Hypocrisy is funny too. Good job! p.s. If you think my posts contain "high scoring Scrabble words" that speaks volumes about your lack of education. Which ties in nicely with the challenges that you face with basic reading comprehension and grade school level critical thinking.
  6. Are you truly this weak and whiny in real life or is this just a bizarre shtick that you enjoy playing out on mbboatowners? Seriously, I can't stop laughing at your posts.
  7. Another erroneous assumption on your part. Every once and a while I read/see something that is funny (like your truck pic) and I will further the discussion. This is, ostensibly (have one of the big kids explain that word to you), a discussion forum after all.
  8. Oh yes, yes, yes. Protect the frail wankers from having their silly posts commented on and the thin-skinned folks from becoming uncomfortable when their idiocy is challenged. p.s. it would never work, short of completely shutting down registration but most folks can't grasp that simple fact.
  9. Time to get a life then. That's really sad.
  10. You need a hug to make up for the blatant lie that you just posted. So many people are upset by your post, they are going to contact MB. You only have yourself to blame.
  11. Silly boy, nobody can prevent anyone from posting on this site, no matter how many times frail folks like you complain to the site owners (not MB, again). If you know who owns and runs this site then why did you claim that MB had any influence? Silly, silly boy...
  12. Seriously, it's really tough to be this confused, even on the internet. Even when the internet is accessed while you're inside your double wide. Maybe you and Jake need to get together and have a hug in your safe place so you can continue on. Please consider this, for both of your sake's.
  13. Since it's Thursday and we're in the midst of "be kind to really clueless twits week" I'll buy you a clue at no charge: MB does not own or run this site. They have zero control. They will pop up every now and then though while not announcing their affiliation. My comments about MB's products and business practices are based upon my experiences with the company over the last 12 years. If you have too much of your self-worth tied up in the brand of boat that you tootle around in I can understand why sharing facts about their products and business practices cause you discomfort. It's sad,
  14. That's just you projecting. A lifted truck (for better angles of approach/departure) with blingy rims and lower profile tires (since they are so awesome off-road) are just funny. Or, you're just reading too much into one photo because you got all defensive about pinner tire/lifted truck poseur guy. My pic was during launch prep and the tongue weight is much different than my towing config (point loaded lead in the nose will do that). "The bashing just gets old, unless I'm not aware of other issues with these specific people from previous experiences." Finally, a very sle
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