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  1. So my O2 sensor warning came on last year (70 hours on the motor). Raptor 400 motor. Dealer replaced the sensors $450. Figured problem solved; nope! Sensor warning back on this year with 180 hours. Dealer again replaced them. I’m upset as this surely can’t be an annual fix can it? Called Indmar for help. They worked with dealer who now says the manifolds were loose so water was getting in. Simple fix but I’m out and extra $450. Pulled the boat for the summer so don’t yet know if that’s the real fix but wanted to share in case others experience similar issue.
  2. My 2015 F21 with Gen 1 and extra 400 lbs in each rear and 350 in the bow throws a nice wave. It's not crazy big but plenty big enough to have fun on.
  3. I have a 2015 F21 and wanted to add bags plumbed to the existing hard tanks. Is this possible with an older model?
  4. Thanks Racer. Would I be drilling into ballast tanks, hull or both?
  5. Is it possible to convert older (2015 f21) ballast tank to plug and play configuration? I’d like to add ballast bags and pump without drilling holes in the hull.
  6. Thanks for the info. The Surf system is working well now. It was operator error. I was trying to engage while stationary. Once underway they deploy fine. The alarm turned out to be the o2 sensors in the catalytic converters. Dealer says older raptor engines need to be brought up to temp before cruising for long periods at low speeds. $300+ later I’m working well.
  7. Update. Alarm was O2 sensors. 2015 models need to be running at 7mph or more for surf system to engage. Hope this helps future queries.
  8. Ditto. Same problem. No link above to follow. Can you repost Pauly?
  9. Thanks Racer. It's a 2015. I'll give holding down the menu button a try. I also will check the fuses and saw a reference to unplugging the battery. I'm a little surprised at how little information is provided in the "owners manual". Seems to me MB would do themselves a favor by drafting a more robust manual. Glad for this forum!
  10. I have a new (to me) F21 Tomcat with wake surf. Went out tonight and had a few issues. Hoping to get some guidance. 1). Can’t seem to disengage manual surf mode 2). Can’t adjust wake fins 3). Boat kept beeping at me and I could figure out why? Finally turned it off and on and somehow cleared the beeping alarm. I can adjust the cavity plate though. guidance to fix any of these would be very much appreciated.
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