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  1. $40, get it out of my garage
  2. Rack only, I don’t have the tower bracket. Never been used. 50 bucks you pay shipping
  3. Happened to me on my 2020. There is an inline fuse that went on mine.
  4. Started boat, then all switches die. Boat runs fine just dead switches. Any ideas?
  5. https://www.exileaudio.com/store/downloads/exilesystemsetupsheet.pdf Robeport; Are these the setting you are referencing?
  6. I am trying to do this speaker install next week. Problem seems to be no one has 6" Exiles in stock.
  7. didn't get it?? Just text or ring me at 360-823-8008 if easier
  8. I have 4 speaker socks that fit Exile SMT65 tower speakers. PM me Matt
  9. Nauticurl- Wakeshaper Surf Gate $239 new so $175 plus shipping????? $165 plus shipping - (2) 400lb fat sacs and a tsunami pump Paid a little over $400 for 2 bags and pump; $325 plus shipping? $300 plus shipping? - (1) 400lb fat sac. $100? $80 If this seems to steep let me know, not trying to retire just get a decent ROI. Thanks
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