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  1. I can do the transfer. My last boat transferred in a quarter of the time. Just curious. But I can deal with it for the massive surf wave I have now!! Thanks guys
  2. Is there a way to adjust the speed of the plates? When I switch surf sides it takes a very long time.
  3. Does anyone know if you change the oil yourself for the 20 hour service , does it void the warranty?
  4. Thank You!Using the handle works perfect!
  5. The fold down swim step is ridiculous to unlatch . Am I missing something or is it really that difficult to do? I have pulled it off twice. I feel like I am going to break it. Any feedback helps. Thanks
  6. I bought it from a private party in Oregon. But I paid the local dealer to get it ready to ship to me
  7. The dealer put the braces on the tower. Tower down. Wrapped the rub rail . Shipping cover on . It traveled 1250 miles that way. No rubbing on gel coat or windshield! Thank you guys for all the advice
  8. Does that metal triangle come with he boat or something the dealer has
  9. Do you have any pictures of the outside of the building?
  10. If I wrap it then also tape it , it should hold up. Might have a 30 foot streamer of wrap flying from the tower lol! Yes Mud flaps are a must
  11. Thats what most have told me. Do you get a lot of bugs on the tower? I will be traveling about 1100 miles. I have thought about plastic wrapping the tower.
  12. Looking for some info on how everyone travels long distance . Boat cover on or off? Tower up or down? Thank you in advance for info!!
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