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  1. I don’t have room on my dash so I bought this switch panel in case I ever decide to plumb in the bags on pumps I will have switches to operate them. Something to consider unless you have room on your dash for extra switches.
  2. I’m using the switches from wake garage and this is the wiring for them with a Wake Logic controller. I’m still in the process of everything so I can’t tell you how everything works.
  3. Steps? Are you taking about near the bow like some have? There are small ones by the fenders. Looking for a place for passengers to enter before launching? You can email indmar and they may help you out with a manual/schematic etc. If you want to surf you will need at minimum a suck gate. There is a big write up on “slappers” which would be an upgrade. Just finished installing slappers on our 13’. Boat looks awesome love the black and red.
  4. Mcdogg I believe it’s a 13 1/2. Just picked one up for our 13’. If you call they can look up which one is the correct size and shipping was a little less ordering over the phone vs online.
  5. Ok thx. I have one side done and I think I have it upside down. I tested it twice and I feel the suck gate is better. I probably need to play with adding weight also. I have bags but haven’t really messed with them too much.
  6. jtryon, do your gates have 1 side tapered? If so is the tapered edge on the top or the bottom? When deployed and surfing does water rush over the top of the gate?
  7. Some have had issues with the tower breaking or cracking. I believe also some have had issues with motor mounts. Knock on wood I haven’t. The only issue I’ve had were the ballast gates breaking/failing. I replaced them with Valterra’s and so far so good. If you search those topics there’s some good info on them. Enjoy your new boat.
  8. I contacted Indmar awhile back with a oil/oil filter question. I asked if Rotella T5 15w40 is good to use and he said yes. He also gave me a list of oil filters. Ours is a 13 so I’m pretty sure it’s the same motor.
  9. Yours looks different than our 13 racks but had the same problem. I put a washer below the spring which is below the button. I also sprayed some silicone spray and works like new. Seemed like the spring was hanging up. Not sure if that helps you.
  10. I use a Aqua Performance retractable swim step. It may be something that will work for you if you can’t find the other.
  11. Thanks for the advice meetloaf. I thought about going that route also.
  12. Thanks again AZ. I’ve seen the one with gator step and definitely makes it look better. I don’t want the bolts to show on the outside. I may countersink them and cover it with gator step or something. My wife has a cricut machine but I’m not sure how well a sticker would stay on hdpe.
  13. Thanks AZ for the input. I’m trying to make it in blend in as much as possible and I have some ideas for the outsides of the gates too. I don’t want it to look like I have 2 cutting boards bolted up. I would think the brass would hold up in the water just concerned with the strength. Guess like u said I can replace them if needed.
  14. I’m trying to finish gathering the rest of the parts I need to finish our gates. I really would like to go with black hinges since our boat is black and the gates will be also. What are your thoughts on the black ones as far as holding up? They say they are brass. Would I be better off just getting the stainless ones? If anyone has a link to the ones they use I would appreciate it. Maybe I’m just overthinking it ???
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