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  1. Thanks for the advice meetloaf. I thought about going that route also.
  2. Thanks again AZ. I’ve seen the one with gator step and definitely makes it look better. I don’t want the bolts to show on the outside. I may countersink them and cover it with gator step or something. My wife has a cricut machine but I’m not sure how well a sticker would stay on hdpe.
  3. Thanks AZ for the input. I’m trying to make it in blend in as much as possible and I have some ideas for the outsides of the gates too. I don’t want it to look like I have 2 cutting boards bolted up. I would think the brass would hold up in the water just concerned with the strength. Guess like u said I can replace them if needed.
  4. I’m trying to finish gathering the rest of the parts I need to finish our gates. I really would like to go with black hinges since our boat is black and the gates will be also. What are your thoughts on the black ones as far as holding up? They say they are brass. Would I be better off just getting the stainless ones? If anyone has a link to the ones they use I would appreciate it. Maybe I’m just overthinking it ???
  5. Yes there are zerk fittings or maybe just 1. I had the same issue same boat. Kind of a pain in the ass to get to. Take the divider out to get access. Grease it up and I’m sure it will help.
  6. Thanks for the info jtryon. It may be a optical illusion but yours look the same height front and back. You did taper them down to 9 1/4 on the top edge to the back? I have the hdpe but trying to get a game plan before I start cutting and drilling.
  7. I’m gathering parts for slapping our f21 and looking for input on the shape of the gates. I’ve read quite a few threads about it and seen pictures but they all seem a bit different. I found this pic with dimensions and wondering your thoughts about it. I will be doing a cardboard mock up before I cut them out but looking for a starting point. Also probably a stupid question but the flat side is the bottom and tapered side will be the top in the pic?
  8. Might want to check out the 2419. Ours is a f21 but went from a 1235 to the 2419 and couldn’t be happier. We were having trouble out of the hole surfing also with the 1235. You can always call acme with your goal (ballast, passengers etc) and see what they recommend.
  9. I was told there should not be a issue with the 15” prop. Plus I don’t think acme would have recommended it if there would be a issue. I’ve read on here that others have used it without any problems also. Rain in the forecast this weekend but hopefully the following weekend I will have some feedback.
  10. I have the same boat as you and Acme recommended the 2419 for stock plus extra ballast. He also said I have too much ballast (similar to yours) and that it is too much for the motor to push. I have the prop but haven’t got a chance to try it out so unfortunately I don’t have any feedback yet.
  11. B128

    MB Font

    I used ethnocentric for my CF #’s. Not exact but pretty close.
  12. Do you have 4 batteries? Maybe I’m seeing things but in the pic it looks like 2 are in the floor and 1 under each seat up front. I just rewired the 2 batteries in our boat with bat 1 to perko 1, bat 2 to perko 2 and all pos for the boat, stereo etc to C on the perko if that makes sense.
  13. This is where I mounted it. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but it seems like it’s going to work well. No more wondering if we put the ladder up. We use to always forget to put the ladder up on our old boat.
  14. I talked with Rancho Larson a few days ago and they said they would work on mine.
  15. Thanks, I just set up a appointment with them. Hopefully all goes well and maybe get to go out a time or 2 before the season is over.
  16. Thanks for the info. I went ahead and got the aqua performance ladder and installed it last week. Very cool ladder. Little pricey but I like how it retracts by itself. I used some ss washers on top to help support the weight and removed the area the swim deck pad where the washers are so they are recessed a bit.
  17. Thanks for the reply’s. I’ve heard good things about the Stockton Larson just too far away. Ya seems every shop I called they are 3-4 weeks out.
  18. Thanks for the advice. I was looking at the 2315 prop also. I didn’t really want the 850’s for the rear lockers but that’s all I could find. Probably will only fill them 1/2- 3/4 maybe. Also have a 500 bow bag. I’m trying to lengthen the wave and get a little more push. We are also near sea level. Maybe I will try the 2315.
  19. I’ve read quite a few threads here on props but it seems they really didn’t fit our boats criteria. Most were for larger boat, bigger motors etc. Our boat is a 13’ f21 with the 350 and 4K ballast if filled all the way. Just got the bags and filled we could barley get to 10mph. Crew is usually small with my wife, me and usually a few kids. Current prop is 1235. I’ve been thinking of the 2775. I’m pretty sure I can fit a 15” prop. There is 1 1/8” from the prop to the bottom of the boat and 1 1/4” from the prop to the trailer. We mainly surf but also wakeboard a little and pull the kids on the tu
  20. Hoping someone could recommend a shop from Sacramento to Redding that they have had good luck with. We hit a submerged island last week and need some repairs done. Glad I have full coverage on it. I talked to West Coast Boat Center and the guy seemed super cool and knowledgeable but is booked till the beginning of September. Read some bad stuff about Larson in Rancho and Harrison’s in Redding so I’m a little hesitant to take it to either one but it would be done before September they say.
  21. Ok thanks. We are going out tomorrow so I will give it another go.
  22. This is our first v drive and trying to figure out the zero off (cruise control). I’m not sure if I’m doing the correct sequence. Sometimes I can get it to work by hitting the ON button when we get to the speed set, sometimes it works by itself if I just leave it ON and other times I cant get it to work by leaving it ON or hitting the ON button while up to speed. I’ve read the manual online but I think that confused me even more. I would mainly like to use it while we surf but it would also be nice wakeboarding since we usually have a few onboard that wakeboard. I believe the picture is of th
  23. I am looking at the 2 step ladder from aqua performance. If anyone has installed one can you let me know how you mounted it and if you have any pictures that would be great. It will be going on a 2013 f21. Thanks
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