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    B128 got a reaction from Rc01 in Buying a 2013 Tomcat F21   
    Some have had issues with the tower breaking or cracking. I believe also some have had issues with motor mounts. Knock on wood I haven’t. The only issue I’ve had were the ballast gates breaking/failing. I replaced them with Valterra’s and so far so good. If you search those topics there’s some good info on them. Enjoy your new boat. 
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    B128 got a reaction from jtryon in Slapper shape   
    Ok thanks for the help. 
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    B128 got a reaction from widdogg in ***Prop decision!!! Weigh in please   
    Might want to check out the 2419. Ours is a f21 but went from a 1235 to the 2419 and couldn’t be happier. We were having trouble out of the hole surfing also with the 1235. You can always call acme with your goal (ballast, passengers etc) and see what they recommend. 
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