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  1. Well that makes some sense because I can get the wave looking pretty decent not very long but there is hardly actually no push at all I'll put it that way and I know how to ride I'm not an expert but when there is push I'm pretty good and I can tell real quick if there is or there isn't.
  2. In order to keep the nose of the boat down I have to use the center tab all the way. Apparently mine are the gravity fill and the water does exit quickly if I open while moving forward. I can do so I guess I just really have to watch. I ordered a 425 v-shaped bag from WakeMakers for the front it should be here in a few days I'm hoping that will solve my problems. I also did notice that the platform digs into the water like some people have said but I don't know how much it did to the wave at all it looked to me like it just affected the look and made some splashing. Unfortunately at our lake this is the largest boat we're allowed to have.
  3. It is a B-52 21-ft 2016. When these guys slap the boats does that mean they remove the factory surf tabs on the bottom? Is the Delta 2.0 thing I bought going to help is it in the right position in the picture? when in surf mode if you go and look at the trim tab positioning mine doesn't show them on the screen. anytime I have tried to manually adjust him they move on the screen but then it goes right back down to zero. Also I have heard there are four digit codes you can apply do I need to know anything about that? When you say drain the opposite side I'm assuming you just hit the open button and drive forward to get a little bit of the water out of the big bags in the lockers? I have heard some people say to drain the factory hard tanks is that possible to do without draining the bags? Thanks again for your help
  4. I am totally new to the forum and in the last couple days have learned a lot but I am probably just as confused as well. Long story short I used to wakeboard 10 to 15 years ago with my centurion and haven't had a boat in a long time a good friend gave me an incredible deal on this boat and I wanted to get back into it. Once I started surfing I fell in love but yet I can't see it to get it right. So here is my issue I have an incredibly awesome boat that I know nothing about! I have really tried to look at other topics and what people have done but I am lost. Some say to put weight in the bow but then the very next thread tells me not to because I have a center tab. I also have the switch surf system and have recently bought a Delta 2.0 and don't even know what side of the boat to put it on or if I should even use it at all? I have heard of people raising their platforms it also seems like other people have done something with the pins on the surf plates I just don't even know where to start. If anyone is willing to help me please do so I will post pictures as good as I can of what I have in the setup. I am trying to get the best surf wave I can I am regular so only care about that side for now and I have been able to surf behind the boat one time it was pretty good I was able to go for quite a while with no rope and then last time I went out and did it for a short period Maybe a minute or two, but it's never quite right. when I look at the pictures of other people's waves it's ridiculous compared to mine. Any suggestions welcomed, thanks!
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