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  1. That’s awesome - congrats, boat was looking clean as always Sunday! Looking forward to seeing your alpha - September will be here soon. I’m gonna figure out how to operate the current ride before I look to upgrade (on paper and given current pace, that’ll be about the time the don locks up his 3rd term ). Catch you on the water. Bud light on me if you need one out there.
  2. I like the practice approach dinging the buoy, and appreciate the feedback. Slip is starboard side coming in. Light stat upgrade Sunday night. Leaned in on the reverse and bumped the ass a little early on the near dock (id short putted the last one leading to the clusterfuck so wasn’t going to do that again), bounced out a little bit and turned ahead forward to starboard to get the rear out, reversed hard left to mitigate some of the starboard pull, straightened out with a little bump to port and backed in smooth. No assistance required and feeling like I’m learning to plan / adjust / execute. It was a 2 beer docking of course, so that hypothesis is still a high r^2 😂 Will get my straight in game tight by bumping buoys (and have the wife take some runs like that too so she gets the feel of it) for if shit hits the fan and keep tuning up the back in. Or maybe back in with a beer and nose in if no beer... I’ve now got the confidence bias of the last one. Any wind / roughness I’m definitely going straight in... now struggling if I should make the switch or keep on trucking... Will update on the next one and ask the houseboat bro at the end of the slip if he has any footage to provide for yalls amusement! Thanks again for the advice and support 😉.
  3. Thanks gents. The bumps / touch in with smaller adjustments is definitely clutch and the focus point. I like the pier practice too - will get some reps in there. Any votes / perspective on the bow vs stern pull in? I moved to it under hero 1’s hypnosis and then it went pretty good a few times. I like it for other reasons, but if shit is hitting the fan / pure ease of getting the thing in the slip, is one considered easier than the other? day 2 my bump / small adjustment game was weak as shit (lotta 90-180 degree left / right over corrections) - that’s tighter now and I’m more comfortable at center / where a small adjustment forward is going to point me, so wondering if I should head back to the straight ahead park job.
  4. Yeah load up the pics, congrats and welcome!
  5. Hola crew- Looking for some general feedback / guidelines / advice / to catch some flak in the pursuit of knowledge on docking in a slip... As mentioned in my welcome, I’m just excited to be here. First time boat owner this month, and in a wet slip at a beautiful lake in AZ. I’ve been aware there’s a steep curve and respect the challenge and joy of a well operated cruise in this phase. I had low expectations around my ability to dock like a boss - but excited for the challenge and to become more skilled on the water. Slip is a little tight, and it’s maybe A little under 25’ from the end of my slip to the start of the other side of the row with some asses and noses out maybe a foot on both sides randomly I’m about 8 docks in, with a 50% HOLY SHIT THAT WORKED, 25% that was rough but we made it, 25% thank god for the unnamed American hero that aggressively intervened out of the kindness of their heart and got me into the slip ratio. Sequencing looks like this - it’s usually me, wifey, and my 9/11 year old boys. 1) night one - #blessed, calm conditions, sun setting, 1 beer, great 4 hours or so on boat: PULLED IN STRAIGHT AHEAD PARKED THE GREEN MACHINE LIKE A GOT DAMNED BOSS. Focused, efficient, and effective like Cedric: 2) day 2: solo mission shit show - went out to clean up / organize a little bit, early morning glass so I went out for a great cruise / 0 beers and it’s heating up + my 2 waters are empty from prep thirst. Coming back slow and steady. Slip apparently shrunk by the 8” or so on each side in extra room I had when I rented the slip. 40 minutes later some pushes off / some rounds of bumper dock (no other boats dinged up but some close calls / fender and push saves), with 4-5 exits and re-entries to line it up and take another run, a fellow mb owner heroically and graciously comes to my rescue. Hops on the boat at the end of the slip, helps park the thing with a back in and gives me some coaching and tells me that’s the move. She was incredible. Her grace and fearless abandon in boarding and salvaging my trainwreck knew no bounds. #AmericanHero1 I was aware of the nerves / potential challenges, but this was my first trench-experience of failure to land. I’m now also converting to a back in guy based on the above factors. 3-8) Couple other good ones, one shot where my dude 5 slips down and his great kid helped out with a little guidance, and a super clusterfudge yesterday with some storm / wind / waves (I ended up laying against the dock on the opposite side and hero 2 swam over grabbed rope and a crew of younger / great thundercats from another B52 pulled my ass in - #AmericanHero(s)2), I’m now trying to reassess and inform my dock strategy. Im putting the reserve panic ‘Option C’of the rope pull in on the books (hadn’t seen / wasn’t aware of that one - hopefully not needed but if all else fails...). Also took some notes on giving it a little more gas (I’ve undershot my reverse thrust and came up a few feet short / rolled past the entrance). Shopped dock poles for wifey to snag the dock tie downs (U-shaped metal loop, not cleats on the side), and actually ordered a hook and moor to elevate our ‘Option B’ skills (she helps pull in if I’m a little off): https://www.fisheriessupply.com/new-england-rope-hook-and-moor-telescoping-boat-mooring-hook I’m wondering if I should reassess the back in vs straight in approach. I’m over-correcting less and more comfortable / accurate on going where intended. Throttle was also loose as shit but that’s tighter now so it’s easier to bump forward / reverse / lock neutral. Thanks Ryan again for the coaching. Any other general advice / feedback (beyond carrying maybe a total wine or amazon gift card for hero’s I don’t deserve but need that emerge)? Should I institute a 1 beer rule and put one down (all massive failures are 0 beers, all successes were 1 or 2 beers depending on how long I was out there). I’m kind of a lush off the water, so I never bring more than 2 and generally avoiding drinks while operating (maybe one every 2-3 hours). If you won’t do it for me, do it for them Loving it so far and committed to getting this right, so thanks for any feedback / help ya’ got!
  6. Nice - great upgrades! Love the head unit, how easy was the fitting and install on that? Side toggles and double din is 💪🏻 !!
  7. Love the color combo. Congrats!!!
  8. My man. I love the black look - may have to run back another session and borrow that
  9. SUP CREW!!! Excitedly joining this fine community. Picked up a 2014 B52 23' w/~400 hours recently. Long-time rider first-time owner. Loving the forum and excited to benefit and contribute where I can from everybody's knowledge here. Tubing and cruising for now - 9 / 11 yo boys looking to ride a wave pretty quick, but for now enjoying getting used to operating / learning the rules of the lake from behind the wheel. Boat is slipped here in AZ, and I've added 6 or so scratches throughout my short ownership / enjoying the learning and family time on the water / buying a lot of shit. AZ_MB hooked up a mini-training and surf session (and also sent a link to a throttle tightening link that shored me up there - throttle was loose, popped the cover out and tightened up / good as new). Need a part for the bimini (useful here in July), and some light wiring issues driving intermittent cabin speaker / lighting issues, but overall loving the life. I'm ordering some gatorstep for the cabin - anybody know the temp difference of the black vs shark fin? I'm liking the black top / green bottom, but am in the desert so might go shark fin... Leaning diamond or if they can do it ultra plank + diamond on the outsides (color combo / target finish).
  10. I'm coming in hot with a quarantine enabled '14 B52 23' (picking up Thursday). If nothing else, Covid has helped my better half see the light, which was a greenlight to make my first foray into the wonderful (with bad days acknowledged) world of boating - more on that post-close, but I'm excited... I swung by an MB dealer checking on a couple boats they had (sold or out of my price range by the time I got there), and the salesman walked me through the Alpha package on the B52. Seemed tight (incorporates some of the F24 concepts). Only thing on the interwebz was this link (pics attached): https://www.edgeski.com/shop-boats/2021mbsportsb5223alpha Hull tweaks, upgraded audio / electronics (check the dash out in the pic), transom seats enabled by the deeper hull, some other things. Assuming I searched right, I'm hoping my entry post on this fine forum sparks some convo / excitement. I thought it was a nice line extension. Otherwise, disregard and I'll show up with some pics later this week. Shout out to AZ_MB for the welcome and offer to assist as I get into the boat / MB game. Looking forward to catching you on the lake my man.
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