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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback gents. Super appreciative of the detailed write up as well, Provo. My build sheet says plug-n-play rear and bow. Sounds like I won’t be using it, but at least it looks like that’s coming and/or I paid for it in the base price 😂. Trailer in transit from TN to CA and boat will ship to AZ from there. Getting super pumped!!!
  2. Thanks gents! it’s got sacks in the back and front - I think like 2200 total (but I’m not certain). Provo has a pretty good description of his layout and I think he’s running like 500#. Will get a few balls. Appreciate the responses and will throw up some pics when I get em.
  3. Morning crew! Got a heads up my boat is finished! Waiting for electric brakes and then it’ll ship (hoping to get some pics next week). wondering what I need to buy… going from a 14 B52 to a 22 F24. Tint / ceramic / powder coating the rub rail as soon as it shows up. *what blanket recommendations y’all got? I thought I’d seen some that were like sacks, I’ve got heaters now and looking to use em (boys already have wetsuits) *seems like 500# of lead - whachall recommend for scooping up lead? *new bumpers - I’ve got the sentry guards right now - what’s the best
  4. Final decision. Gonna tint / coat / black out the rub rail day 1. Went 24 but the 23 alpha so sexy too and hard decision (they have a nice Oreo on the floor).
  5. Order up over here. Overthinking the interior welt / piping / accent colors, but running four months and going in. All black exterior with gold metallic and mocha / black interior. Pretty pumped!
  7. 24 is gorgeous and big. Also gotta see a 23 alpha with quite a bit of gold on it. Damn sexy. seeing if the numbers can work out, and if they do I’m hoping to order pretty quick.
  8. Just seeing in person for the first time. Hoping they have a 23 too, and for shits and giggles I’m gonna walk the g23/g25. here’s the current lean - I like the gold on the transom…
  9. I like all that Ryan 😉. Checking some rigs out Friday. Thanks for the consult Provo. If I go, leaning all metallic black low, then metallic gold on the upper / rear / transom. Excited to walk a 24 and get a feel for the dimensions.
  10. obviously all the badassness of the 23/24 alpha… I like how the 25 LSV has the functional storage area right behind the helm to get stuff outta the way but close. I’d trade a person there for high function convenient storage that’s ‘pull out’ vs ‘drop in’. in my house, comfy ass transom seating is high on wifeys list and I’m a big fan too. So bucket seats like the 24 are a must. extended Bimini (factory rear extension like somebody had from a shop in Washington) is a 600-1000 dollar option across the line you can get 50% margin and 50%+ client orders we’ll love i th
  11. Hold up - is the natty crowd the crowd that drinks natural light? If so, 23, 24, 25, or pavati- I’m still gonna be in the natty crowd at core 😉. Thanks Provo and crew, again. Aesthetically, I’m partial to the traditional bow (doesn’t take away from how gorgeous the 24 is - just what my eyes slightly more attracted to generally). Going to see one in person - I’ve seen a few on the lake and they’re absolutely stunning / gorgeous. Add a wall of water, the storage (local sales guy said the 24 is like 3x the 23 storage space in his assessment), plus a 25’ slip… and here I come
  12. Good looking out, gents. Appreciate the perspective. Anybody know when the 25’ is coming? That would be my preferred option, and I’m not looking to take delivery until q2 anyways (dealer said they’re running 3-4 months out from order to delivery). skylocks 💯
  13. Evening all! im looking at ordering a ‘22. First up is 24 vs 23. I might not have a choice, wifey wants the bigger seats in the back, but assuming I do, here’s the things I’m considering all black with gold on most of the powder coat, and will black out the rub rail as well. Mocha and brown with black accents interior, diamond gator step 1) about a 40k delta between the two. I like the bigger motor and increased size / storage on the 24. any comment on the motor (sound / decibels / pickup of the 400 23 vs 575 24), and storage between the two? 2) I generally hear the surf wave
  14. Ha I’m not sure but the way that thing is kitted up and configured I was debating finding out 😂
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