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  1. That’s awesome. Just ordered one of these, will run the Velcro route probably. Good looking out gents!
  2. Ha nah. Deleted the listing - fortunately / unfortunately my ‘move me’ price didn’t move anybody Lot to learn and still enjoying the shit out of it!
  3. I think the whole market moved up... new stuff sold out, prices went up on what was left, dealers getting a higher % of msrp than they did historically because of that supply / demand... I’d guess every other boat manufacturer is doing the same. Sucks, but if you’ve got one you’re looking to sell the increased value on that side hopefully offsets the hike. If you’re just buying in, I think you’ll need to go down market or kick your spend up 10% or wait. Maybe covid goes away and the surge in demand drops / supply catches up, but I don’t think that’s until h2 next year.
  4. Yup. I messed with the levers on the side as I was lifting. Not sure if it helped / hurt / did nothing, and had to wiggle it a bit.
  5. Thanks man. Appreciate all the consults along the way
  6. Floors in. Stays cooler than the carpet and throw a little water on top and it gets chilly. I’m a fan of how it came out. Few things that helped: 1) helm chair just pulls straight out once unscrewed (not all the way off, just to the end) 2) snap in screws just a Phillips screwdriver with pressure 3) I used a utility knife to cut a couple segment lines on the back (and then folded a small part of the backing back to expose like a 2” strip of adhesive), then set the piece and laid down the first part. gatorstep socal was tight and I appreciate them taking c
  7. Saw an ig lost with this in an f. Looked sharp:
  8. Yo squad- Putting in my gator step tomorrow. Got the windex, utility knife, and 3 Busch lights ready to ride. Any tips / tricks on cleaning / installing / removing the helm seat y’all got? Will throw some afters up, here’s the setup:
  9. Cool concept and features / build. Doesn’t appeal to my eye... More pics and details on this link while it’s live. Tough price point to compete and win at a buck-70 I think: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/bod/d/phoenix-2021-anthem-23-karma-surf-deck/7181925012.html
  10. jcole21


    I’ve got a one like jay covering mine in the slip. Covers Bimini top to rub rail and bow to the swim step beautifully. Looks like a big garbage sack and I love it - 0 sexy points but easy on/off and protects the shit out of it / lowers expectations on approach
  11. That’s awesome - congrats, boat was looking clean as always Sunday! Looking forward to seeing your alpha - September will be here soon. I’m gonna figure out how to operate the current ride before I look to upgrade (on paper and given current pace, that’ll be about the time the don locks up his 3rd term ). Catch you on the water. Bud light on me if you need one out there.
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