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  1. obviously all the badassness of the 23/24 alpha… I like how the 25 LSV has the functional storage area right behind the helm to get stuff outta the way but close. I’d trade a person there for high function convenient storage that’s ‘pull out’ vs ‘drop in’. in my house, comfy ass transom seating is high on wifeys list and I’m a big fan too. So bucket seats like the 24 are a must. extended Bimini (factory rear extension like somebody had from a shop in Washington) is a 600-1000 dollar option across the line you can get 50% margin and 50%+ client orders we’ll love i th
  2. Hold up - is the natty crowd the crowd that drinks natural light? If so, 23, 24, 25, or pavati- I’m still gonna be in the natty crowd at core 😉. Thanks Provo and crew, again. Aesthetically, I’m partial to the traditional bow (doesn’t take away from how gorgeous the 24 is - just what my eyes slightly more attracted to generally). Going to see one in person - I’ve seen a few on the lake and they’re absolutely stunning / gorgeous. Add a wall of water, the storage (local sales guy said the 24 is like 3x the 23 storage space in his assessment), plus a 25’ slip… and here I come
  3. Good looking out, gents. Appreciate the perspective. Anybody know when the 25’ is coming? That would be my preferred option, and I’m not looking to take delivery until q2 anyways (dealer said they’re running 3-4 months out from order to delivery). skylocks 💯
  4. Evening all! im looking at ordering a ‘22. First up is 24 vs 23. I might not have a choice, wifey wants the bigger seats in the back, but assuming I do, here’s the things I’m considering all black with gold on most of the powder coat, and will black out the rub rail as well. Mocha and brown with black accents interior, diamond gator step 1) about a 40k delta between the two. I like the bigger motor and increased size / storage on the 24. any comment on the motor (sound / decibels / pickup of the 400 23 vs 575 24), and storage between the two? 2) I generally hear the surf wave
  5. Ha I’m not sure but the way that thing is kitted up and configured I was debating finding out 😂
  6. The vanta. Tuned up and sexy: https://www.boatshackutah.com/product/2021-mb-sports-23-alpha-13/
  7. Oh man I’m glad the vanta was sold when I called y’all now. That’s sick… 25 coming maybe? I’ve been prepping an order for a tomcat (wifey needs those full bucket seats on the transom so gotta go a foot bigger).
  8. Check this post - my man AZMB just covered it for me (manual operation and repair / lube approach):
  9. God damned heroic my man. Good looking out 👊🏼. We should get out to saguaro sometime this fall. Starting to get the family on the boards a little.
  10. My man! Thanks snow. is that from inside the lockers or at the gate? Appreciate the assist.
  11. Hey gents! Starboard gate is stuck closed. Trying to get some 🏄‍♀️ in, and boat is slipped. Any easy way for an underinformed rookie to manually operate the gates in the water? Or am I just out on that ballast until I pull and repair?
  12. That is got damned stupendous. How did sourcing / install work? You gave them your Bimini fabric and posts, and got this back then installed another set of post mounts? too clean man, if it’s easy I’d think they’d sell 50 of those quick...
  13. This is an awesome thread. I’m going houseboat with the green machine at havasu in mid-July (Powell next year assuming we love it). bro/others- any tips / tricks / recommendations for a first timer to havasu houseboating? Besides definitely roll the houseboat through the channel 😂?
  14. Congrats and welcome. JL head unit going in mine for point 2, hopefully the smarter guys can help you on point 1. Enjoy the ride!
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