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  1. DAMN!! Tbs got a lil sneak peak too: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CmCckD5pPiR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. Phoenix is easy. I roll American but southwest terminal is nice and easy for connections. 65 minutes is fine if you’re in the front 1/3 of the plane, could be a little stressful if you’re a ways back but probably fine still.
  3. Seems like a steal. Question is whether you want to gamble or jump. I’m assuming downside risk in 23 as shit gets rough. If I was in the market I’d wait a bit but that seems like a strong ass value.
  4. I heard big sexy and 440 standard. Grown 23 not as tall as the 24. Eat it bird pup this shit handsome 😉
  5. jcole21

    2023 F24

    I bought a ‘22 F24 (arrived this spring). I love it, but i would definitely water test both the 23 and 24 alpha. The storage is insane and it’s a beautiful / awesome boat. The surf wave takes work to dial in for sure, and mine still isn’t as nice as a 23 alpha although it is giant. There was a good discussion when I was ordering I’ll try to post. post here:
  6. Morning gents! Got out yesterday to some faults and loud beeping unfortunately, so ended up listening to tunes and chilling at then slip instead of getting after it. couple codes below - any tips / suggestions before I take it into the shop? Will call them tomorrow and and ask the same / see when they can get me in, but would love to not be out of commission for a while if possible.
  7. Now I’m curious so I’ll ask my guy about location selection. Not sure where the batteries are on the alpha 23’s, but on the 24 it’s right in front of the motor accessed via a hatch under the folding rear seat. Nothing on batteries either - I’ve been using it on all, not only one battery.
  8. Thanks gents! Pretty happy with the final product - appreciate the guidance and support getting through it. guppy- gator pulls it well and upgraded the trailer brake option, although I think if I hit a weigh station I’d be over by 500-700 pounds with lead and fuel / accessories…
  9. Been a minute. Rig showed up in January, and had a few things done (powder coated rub rail / cleats / chrome trim pieces, ceramic coat / tint, and thruster in it). Here’s the finished product. IMG_5541.MOV
  10. Game changer and performs. I got the livorsi controls in the throttle, same setup as yours. Super natural and easy to use. make pulling up to the dock / slipping / everything easier. Haven’t used surfing but can imagine it’ll be huge setting up lines for my rookie ass. Takes about 3-4 seconds of push to get moving, and then it seems like about a foot of swing every 2-3 seconds. Those feet in a tight scenario (especially with a rookie helmsman) are clutch. Worth the cost just for reversing into the slip with a bigger rig for the space. Everything else is upsi
  11. Joined the club. Taking out today, will report back!
  12. Birddog ima let Provo politically and logically disagree with you… but for me… let’s meet up somewhere out west (preferably az) to surf and then fight or do shots and become best friends. One of the two is where I go 😂. and Ryan - I got you this summer. I got lead to dial in the surf wave and excited to see you and the girls on the wakeboard wave (with videos, of course). Thruster going in and powdercoat running long, but a couple weeks out from being run-ready. Videos for the boys in April 👊🏼.
  13. TBS has a couple right now (including Provo’s, who has a detailed write up on dialing in the wave - his boat is gorgeous and listed here too). I’ll post some wave videos once mines done getting finished up in at the dealership. Not sure how rates/economic issues will impact the boat market, but I could see prices softening and if I hadn’t locked in I’d probably roll the dice that supply rebounds and there’s downward price pressure in the next 6-9 months as things get choppy and manufacturers ramped up production comes online - but I’m guessing on all that and they could continue to i
  14. I hope that shit weak. signed, -24 alpha delivery in Feb guy 😂
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