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  1. Thanks much for the Oboy! I definitely want a boat the kids and I can grow with as we get more experience and it sounds like that's easily doable with this boat.
  2. Oboyskibum thx so much for your info and thoughts. I believe you’re right on the Gen 1 cuz that rings a bell w something the seller said. Without the extra ballast it’s 1800# stock, correct? Is the wake wo your extra ballast ok? Wud love someone to post pics of both waves, w and wo extra ballast if able. Thx tons!
  3. Hi all! Thx in advance and my apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I’m thinking of purchasing a 2014 F22 w stock ballast, wedge, and a slap or gate system as shown in the pic. Don’t know the exact specifics of the gate. Our family is a beginner surf family and we don’t want ballast bags in the cabin area. Will this setup suffice and what type of a wave do y’all believe it will produce? It’s our first boat and I don’t want to shell out $50-$60k and not get a good wave so any other suggestions are greatly appreciated
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