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  1. We are looking at selling our 2008 Supra and ordering a B52 23 alpha. We predominantly surf and our lake is at an elevation of 750’. We want the clamping racks, dual batteries, 4 tower speakers, 8.8s in the interior, runway lights on the trailer, and plug-n-play to name a few. Would the upgraded motor really be worth it? On the trailer we were just doing the tandem with 15” wheels since 90+% of the time we will tow no more than 10-15 miles. Any things you guys can think of would be appreciated.
  2. So I filled "built" a boat on the website and sent the sheet to my dealer. With all of the options we wanted including the 440, we came in at 108 for the alpha. Never been on a MB but the dealer is going to bring one to me to demo for the single week I'm home before heading out for another 6 weeks. If it's everything I imagine it'll be I will be putting down a deposit on one as soon as I get my Supra sold. I had selected the "C" audio package but that seems like it may be overkill and I've been seeing that the guys that have ordered that have not been getting the upgraded sub and amp so I
  3. By small, she meant the company, not the boat. I’m at work until 9/10 but when I get home the dealer is going to bring one over to our lake and make an afternoon of it. I submitted a build sheet to him to get an idea on msrp for what we want. Pretty sure we’ll probably end up doing a white/light grey exterior with a brown interior for a classy look.
  4. Well if I order the MB I'm trying to swing a sweetheart deal with my local dealer whom is just now building a true dealership. He had a wakeboard and surf school and knows the founder of MB so they got on as a dealer and used the boats for the school as "demos" and then would sell and replace. Since he's just now building an actual dealership I am trying to see if I can get some options at cost and bling it out a little more but use it as a display for boat shows. Some of our requirements are a heater for the wife and extended seasons, gatorstep, 440 motor, and the surf system. My wife is
  5. So we are looking at doing a demo on a b52 23 alpha and I was wondering what features are the must haves and which ones y’all would forego if you had to do it again?
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