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  1. Thanks @oboyskibum Crazy that now days a simple leisure boat is borderline half ton towable. I don't know much about air bags, but my issue is modifying a lease in any way. It's hard to invest money in a truck that won't even be mine in one year (I can't see myself buying it out). I assume air bags are a permanent install?? The rear leafs on the Tundra are definitely the weak leak, it has plenty of power to pull with a 4.3 rear end, but the payload sucks. I'll definitely start researching the air bags as well as start looking at some 3/4 ton options for next year. I've heard the Ram
  2. The reason I ask is for the first time ever, I actually looked in the door jam of my Tundra Crew Max and saw the payload rating. 1270 pounds (yuck...thought it was more). I really don't trust MB's website, so I was wondering how much I could expect the boat to weigh with a full tank of gas and "average" gear (on the trailer). I'd also be curious to know the the tongue weight in percentage or pounds if anyone has that info available. I know it's different for each boat and trip to the lake, but looking for some general info. My boat will be 23/A 400 typically equipped. The reason I ask
  3. I was checking out some pics of some Malibu's being built on malibucrew the other day. Seeing these pictures really gives me a perspective of how "mom and pop" MB still is (even though they are producing quite a few boats now). I love the custom nature of how these boats are produced as opposed to the cookie cutter brands.
  4. I can't wait to see pics of the finished product! Congrats!! Any reason (other than cost) you stayed away from the Alpha with this purchase? I'm hoping mine comes in late April as well...my first MB and V-Drive.
  5. Thanks so much!! I'm so excited. What's really cool is that I have figured out the solution to those who think "Life goes by too fast"... Just order a boat every year....it's the key to eternal life.... months last forever..
  6. I'm thinking it's a little on the rich side for my tastes. The people who sell it claim it cuts down on maintenance by 75%, but that seems a little on the optimistic side. Maybe if I had an all black hull and deck or something, but part of the reason we went white with light accents was to mitigate the effects of water spots. I'm probably better off putting that money toward Skylon racks or something.
  7. I’m wondering what your guys’ experience has been with ceramic coating? Is it worth the significant cost and would you do it all over again? How much difference does it actually make with regards to time spent cleaning the boat? I take delivery in April/May and am thinking about doing it although I don’t have bags of money. There’s a place where I live that has a great reputation but it’s not cheap. Right around 2.5k for a B52/Alpha and trailer. Just looking for individual opinions and experiences with ceramic coating. Thanks !!
  8. And while someone is answering the OP... The new JL towers with LED rings would be awesome. You can order them with them on JL website, but not an option with MB. Any idea how tough it would be and what it would entail to put some blue LED rings in the tower speakers. WOuld look cool with the blue the theatre lights I ordered I would imagine.
  9. Sorry ...nube here. I should have clarified. I was talking about the boat on the trailer. I'm thinking the 12X40 would be ideal to maybe stick a shelf in the back to store life vest/ boards/ and cleaning supplies. It's good to know the 12X30 would work though.
  10. My dealer said the trailer is 26' with the tongue folded and the swim deck extended, so they are guessing 28-29 feet. Had no idea the swim deck was that easy to lower ...might go with a 30
  11. You don't think a 30 is too small honestly? I don't want it to be too tight per se. In other words it would be nice to not have to send the kids back to tell me when to stop. Maybe I'll put myself on the list for 12X30 as well as keep my name in the hat for the 40. The 50 is too damn big and is about $65 more a month.
  12. I'm getting close! We have a mid April slot so I'm already looking at storage options until we get our add on garage built in a year or so. (or so means in my lifetime). Anyway..Looking for the length of the trailer with the tongue EXTENDED. I found a place that has a 12 X 50 and a 12 X 30 available now and I'm on the waiting list for a 12 X 40. Plenty of room to backup and maneuver in all three. I'm thinking the 30 footer isn't enough but the 50 footer commands a big premium between the two. Any thoughts? Thanks
  13. Dayuuuuuummmm! That's a tight squeeze! Congrats! This should be a fun spring on this board seeing all these new Alphas being delivered. Definitely need some more pics when you get her out in the sunlight again!
  14. Born and raised in Renton... Lived through the "lean years" at the Kingdome!! Been in Utah for a long time tho!
  15. Nube question regarding the racks. I have the regular bungee racks coming on our boat (don't laugh, we were at the total end of our budget rope), but I may be able to swing these. Please see the pic... What constitutes the adapters? Is it the yellow circle, the green circle, or the piece to the right that hooks the green circle part up to the racks? I'm just wondering what pieces I will already have when my boat is delivered. My bungee forks will obviously be black rubber, but the rest of the assembly will be powder coated so I'm curious how much of the powder coating I might lose b
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