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  1. Thinking about ordering a "Weekend Saver Kit" from Wakemakers because it seems to be a pretty good deal right now. Taking delivery of a B52/Alpha this Spring...It will be my first inboard of any brand. I was wondering what shaft size I should order? They offer a 1-1 1/8 or 1 1/4 Also ...Should I spend the extra money for the C clamp version or go with the cheaper harmonic puller? Thanks in advance..
  2. Single color would be awesome. Here’s a few I found.
  3. letstieup Let’s Tie Up Gear Our gear at work! Visit www.letstieupnow.com to learn more. Our Black Friday Sale starts now through Monday!! Use BF20 at checkout for 20% off all fenders, bungees and packages.
  4. I'm assuming it's this one. It's the only one on JL's website. It's got all the right buttons and lights..weird. The video I saw was a comparison between the ATX 24 and MB and it recommended not equipping the MB with the transom remote because of the reasons previously stated
  5. I'll check it out. Could be that "fusion puck" I keep hearing about. I'd like to keep the transom remote and don't mind paying the 300 bucks for it...but it's gotta change tracks. I'll ask around some other forums that have had JL as an OEM for awhile. You would think a quick firmware update could solve the issue if it is legit.
  6. I was actually pretty excited about this option for the 21's. We usually start the boating day with swimming and lounging off the transom, so I paid the $350 for this option knowing it would get a fair amount of use. However, I read (or saw on a Youtube video) that the JL transom remote doesn't allow you to skip songs when streaming via bluetooth (We use Spotify). Supposedly when streaming via BT, the JL transom remote can only control volume (it can switch sources and control tracks when listening to other types of media I guess). That doesn't seem right to me, as in.... I can't fathom i
  7. Here's my list of things I'll be scouring the internet for this Black Friday/ Cyber Monday. I have a long time to accumulate gear, but if I find once a year deals, I'll be all over it.. 1. Wet Suits.... 2. A compression molded inexpensive "Beginner buddy/neighbor boat board" (Broadcast or Voodoo or similar) 3. Slide Anchor (Box Anchor) 4. Dannick Hooks 5. Maybe a Yeti (I want to get the matching gator step kit), would look sweet to put between the transom and the back seat when the seat is facing aft. Would be a cool step down with matching gator. 6.. Some Leadwa
  8. Thanks Schill! Rather spend the money on Boards anyway! Plus you get the tower up cover included, which would be fine in case of bad weather.
  9. Speaking of covers.... I didn't spend the extra cash for the tower down cover that is available as an option. Seemed pricey for an upgrade compared to the tower up cover. I plan on a one or two SLC-Powell trips a year and a few SLC-St. George, UT trips a year. You guys think it is worth the money to go with the tower down cover as opposed to the standard cover? My past boat was a 18K bowrider and, well to be honest, we really didn't care too much about gel coat/interior protection. We always towed without a cover. We plan on babying the MB though. Advice?
  10. I'll check out the mission fenders! Have you guys seen the size of "Let's tie up" balls? I've watched some of their insta videos and they seem better than the excel audio balls and some others. I'll be looking for some hula or boat juice sales as well this BF/CM. I may take the plunge and buy one of @Hyperryd overhead racks. Looks like one would fit between the JL's.
  11. I'm going to be buying either a prestige or deluxe package from letstieupnow.com among other things this BF/CM. I was told by the owner there will be a sale announced soon through their social media platforms for black Friday. I missed a Moomba forum group buy earlier this year and they don't go on sale often. I'm going to be pretty meticulous about taking care of my boat when it comes next year and have heard that inflatable ball fenders are much better than traditional ones at protecting from dock rash. I'm going to need all the protection I can get around docks being this will be my fi
  12. That is one huge thing I like about the Moomba...the upgrade from the base engine is the 450 and for less money than what MB offers for the 440. I would have the spent the money for the 450, but the 575 is a little too rich for my blood, and I'm not sure the 440 gives you enough a performance upgrade for the price. Enjoy that battle max!!
  13. Still can't believe how deep that boat is! Great value for the money, and the storage is ridiculous! I love that you can get the larger screen now on the Max. I came within hours of ordering a 21' Mojo. If I wasn't so in love with that sea foam green and powder coating on the MB and if The Boat Shack wouldn't have offered me a fair deal on my trade, I for sure would saved a few grand and gone with the Moomba. They are making a solid product right now! Gorgeous boat BTW....been following it on the Moomba Forums. Congrats!
  14. Orrian, My boat is always open for visitors! Just got off the phone with Brock at Doomswell. Super cool dude!! I may be interested in that Scamp of yours if it's in good shape. DM a price when you have som free time.
  15. I notice the Bandwagon is good up to 150 pounds, so probably will give my kids many years compared to a scamp... Just to clarify...the bandwagon is OK for a brand new first time beginner? Might have a little too much push for my (will be) 12 year old...but seems like a steal at $350
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