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  1. I tow tower down once or twice a year. Even at $2500, I can put the triangles in. Lol. I think it’s more flex than anything. The fact you can turn to a Paragon owner and say “ Hey, me too”. Now if you tower down every time you garage , different story.
  2. POTY! My first boat was in a way my forever boat. As in increasing boat payment forever.
  3. This is the advice I needed before I got married....
  4. I'll add my endorsement as well. I have the locker nets. The cheapest and easiest way to add efficient storage to your boat. My only concern is sometimes my seat pops up on the highway, but that's not on John. This should be a must for MB owners and I'm actually surprised MB hasn't approached HRD about making them OEM.
  5. Yep... It's not cheap though...$5k retail... He will have the new dash and wireless phone holder as well as better audio if he ordered the 8" interiors and 12" sub. I don't lower my tower to store my boat, so I wouldn't order it, but it's pretty cool. MB is doing a good job of keeping up... I just wish they would make their warranty industry standard instead of industry worst. If I wouldn't have respected the hell out of my dealer, I would have gone with Moomba just for their warranty duration. Of course looking back, I'm so glad I went with MB!
  6. You get the power tower @hawkdad22 ? It will be worth the wait!
  7. Well if you ever want a free cup of coffee and and a half hour or so of boat talk, let me know. Always my treat.....no industrial espionage required!! Aaron
  8. I just saw you live in Milbrae Don.. I work at SFO and frequently stay in Burlingame . How many beers or cups of Joe would it take for a sneak peak? My treat!🤪
  9. I may or may not have seen a picture of the hull of the 25 footer.... FREAKING MASSIVE.... Because of all the crap going on with prices, I'm probably priced out of the current new boat market, but dang it looks sweet. I thought if I ever got a bigger boat , it would be a Supra, but I would certainly wait for this if I was currently in the market.
  10. Talked to the TBS mechanics in Utah the other day about a thruster. They said their biggest drawback is the tremendous draw it puts on the electrical system. Their concern is it causing electrical problems in other area of the boat. I hope you guys continue to give us updates as the season continues!!!! I'm so tempted!
  11. True... I'm sure the 575 would be standard like it is on the F24. Your 23' foot Alpha must be an absolute monster even in places like Flaming Gorge. Hopefully I spy it sometime this year!
  12. I love the size of the T250, but I will never get over that erector set POS tower that Axis uses. I think Axis is a great value brand, but they, like everyone. are getting pricey as well. Now the Ri245.. mercy. As far as premium brands go, I'm priced out of the market, even if rates stay low. To be honest, I'm probably priced out of the market with another MB at the rate things are going. TBS treating me fairly and very low rates last year allowed me to get into my Alpha and even then it was tight. I'll look at the 25" with thrusters when it comes out, but I think the more pr
  13. Love it!!!! Sweet Whip!!! How's the Gator' do pulling it? Things gotta be heavy with the tri axle.
  14. I just might have to see if TBS is willing to install these after I hear back from you guys!!!! I've been on their website for a bit. Which model is the one you guys went with?
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