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  1. Thanks Don, Ya…I run it multiple times, it just seems to leave a significant amount of water for some reason.
  2. Remember....This is my first surf boat, so be gentle. (21 B52A) Anyway.... When I drain my front sac(k), it leaves a fair amount of water in there. Not just a little, but quite a bit. 1. Is this normal? 2. Any way to improve this...(should I raise the cushions and push the water towards the front whilst draining? Also....my bow sac timer is way off...I just pump in water until it squirts out the side....is this what most do?
  3. I hope you can dial it in @widdogg You must be a very calm and collected dude! If I thought I was buying a 2016 and it turned out to be a 2014, I would be livid. Even if it surfed/waked well, I'd be upset purely based on depreciation alone and would be looking to be made whole or get my money back.
  4. Yikes! May cause me to rethink the weight I pull. I can't believe there is no $1.00 support bracket
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Those trailer wheels are ridiculous Plus the new dash as a bonus. Enjoy those RGB’s, touchscreen, and phone charger/holder and that ridiculous sound system.
  6. Great post. I’m sorry for being one of the natty crowd. I fully admit that everything I hear about the 24’ is here say. The only thing is what I have heard comes from people who know MB in general very well. Great to know that with a little work, you can dial in a great wave. One thing I will say is that it has a commanding presence similar to what a 250k competitor boat has.
  7. Also…. I’m a bit “economically challenged” and I really debated the Skylocks since they were not a “need”. Get them. You don’t want a 120-150k boat with bungees, powder coat them and people with 300K Paragons will be jealous. They allow even the smallest of kids to easily access ands secure boards, which would be relegated to dad duty otherwise. Plus, they have vest holders, flag holders, and a locking mechanism to secure your boards short term if you need to leave your boat slipped for a bit.
  8. Wait for the 25’ It will essentially be a stretched b52 The 24’ seems to end up pre owned back in the showroom after a few months for a reason. I’m an MB “fanboy”, but the 24’ has just been disappointing for many (although for a cruiser with ramp presence its awesome). They are both pretty boats, but they are essentially “surf boats”, and one doesn’t surf well (although it has an amazing wakeboard wave) and one has one of the best waves in the industry at any price point. If surf wave was not important to you, I’d probably be looking at some premium stern drive
  9. If you use Netscape it doesn’t seem nearly as bad.
  10. People who are upside down on Pavatti's and like priced boats are people who don't care one bit about being upside down, it means nothing. They don't have income. They have wealth.
  11. But that was during the normal COLA adjustment price increase of 2% or so every year. 12% increase is eventually going to eventually put new boats out of reach I would assume. Also.. What happens when everyone who bought boats in 2020 because there was nothing else to spend their recreation and vacation money on decide that boating is too much work, too much money, or simply "not for them"? We could see the market flooded with near new boats. This coupled with an eventual return to normal supply streams could be interesting. Bottom line is I bought a boat in 2021, which is pr
  12. As long as you are not dealing with massive depreciation.... so far so good but who knows?? I can't see us having ours for more than 3 years as long as rates stay low. Why have a $600 dollar boat payment on a 3 year old boat when you could have the same payment on a brand new boat? I just don't see how the industry can sustain massive price increases like we have seen this last year. I hear Bu/Axis and some others went up close to 15% from a year ago. In your case @AZ_MB, you'd have a nice trade that you could also use to mitigate sales tax quite a bit. The problem is I don't see anyone
  13. I agree... We can afford the payment, not the boat. I'm not saying we are irresponsible, we are blessed with pretty good income but I can say that if wasn't for record low interest rates and favorable terms we couldn't have justified a purchase on this scale. (We did put 20k down). I also think the manufacturers have a vested interest in maintaining the value of used boats. They do this by proportionally raising the price of new boats. I have no doubt that it is a powerful sales marketing tool to have a perspective buyer feel that they don't have much to lose on a purchase this la
  14. I've used a three man tube with teens a bunch of times..... I admit I was a little on edge at first, but so far no issues.
  15. Noico or Dynamat stuff or something more heavy duty? I honestly think that if I had one thing to change about my boat, it would be the noise level at surf speeds..... Not having the Ipad screens, power towers and other tech stuff that can bust on my MB like 200K brands has never bothered me for one second, but the noise level is the one area where I get just a little envious. Off topic speaking of other boats... surfed my neighbors 2021 Centurion yesterday, almost 200k SRP. Really cool boat and the wave was solid, but I honestly didn't think it was any better than my Alpha.
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