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  1. If you are OK with analog gauges, I think the MB would more than satisfy your wave needs. I do think the Centurion gives you much better interior quality, but the bottom line price will be substantially more with the Centurion.
  2. There has been some debate as far as how it surfs. Initially the reports were that it was lacking, but we have a few members here that have their wave dialed in and really seem to like it. The standard (and only) motor is the 575, so power will be plentiful. If you need a bigger boat than a 23", the new 25 footer with the same hull as the B52A is on deck and hopefully available soon.
  3. I’m sorry if this has been posted and I missed it. If this is a repeat post feel free to delete. I don’t do FB, so this is the first I have heard of this. Although I am pretty new to the MB family, I know many of you have developed a great friendship with @The Donfather I have read many threads where he spent hours on the phone helping prospective buyers like me out by answering questions. Anyway , unfortunately, he is not in great health. I will post a link to the go fund me page if anyone is so inclined. At the least, let’s keep him in our thoughts and prayers. G
  4. With regards to resale... Completely depends on region. In my area, the MB maintains value commensurate to ANY boat out there. It is a very well known product. However, I can see some areas where MB's have less residual value than Nautique. Also... If you are looking at the 22 footer... Big difference between Classic and Alpha. Get the Alpha, it's a huge 22 footer and the wave is much better IMO.
  5. It's because MB's are not NMMA certified. You have to be NMMA certified to get the yellow sticker you see on so many other boats. That's not to say that MB doesn't meet the same certification requirements as an NMMA certified boat, it just elected to not go through the process, probably due to expense. My experience has been that MB's are built hell for stout.
  6. I’m sure your right John. The thing is , I just don’t see a whole heck of a lot of 24s out there to be traded in. I’ve seen like one all year at the lake. I wish I could afford a 25!
  7. I bet we see a lot of used 23 footers for sale in Utah once this things comes out. There are a lot of big family's that will want that extra space if it can still deliver "the wave". I was at Deer Creek yesterday, and boy, the hashtag #mbtakeover really is legit. For a smaller independent brand, I bet 50% of the purpose built surf boats on the lake were MB's. Literally. From there it was about 25% Centurion, with the last 25% split evenly between the usual suspects. Point being, my region has a lot of 23's to be traded in if the 25 is a big hit.
  8. It's been quiet for sure. I'm excited to see official pic!
  9. Well.... When I took mine in for some warranty work, I mentioned it to the my dealer (TBS) and was told that one of the techs (kid rock) had a "thing he does to help that". He did whatever thing he does and I haven't had an issue since. So there is something that can help, I'm just not sure what that something is. It makes a difference though. I HATED driving down the interstate at 65, hit a little pothole, and that rear locker just jackknifes open.
  10. I just bought a Mono Tank. I absolutely love it
  11. Thanks man. I’m in!! Where should I go to get my bearings packed locally ? (That sounds nasty) Les Schwab is close to me in Lehi. Recs?
  12. Serious though, please share if you find a deal and count me in. Also, How often and wear should I get my bearing's repacked? I've never owned a trailer of any kind (only had my first boat a year), so I'm completely in the dark when it comes to that.
  13. You mean.... If three of us do it? It's crazy how much we pay for "cool" options, yet rarely anyone gets EOH. People have EOH swear they would NEVER EVER go back to surge. Of course, I'm still working on getting a trailer that's legal to tow my boat.
  14. I tow tower down once or twice a year. Even at $2500, I can put the triangles in. Lol. I think it’s more flex than anything. The fact you can turn to a Paragon owner and say “ Hey, me too”. Now if you tower down every time you garage , different story.
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