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  1. So you have nada in the bow? I thought TBS put #150 in every new boat. Maybe that's just the new Alphas
  2. Thanks! I was going to ask about additional weight in the rear. You read my mind. First thing I'm going to do is remove the lead bags from the rear lockers and redistribute them up front per your suggestions.
  3. Thanks ! Do you run the cab plate at all when heavy
  4. There is always the one guy with the 12 incher whose biggest problem is getting it to fit... 😄 Can't wait to see the Beast on the lake soon!!
  5. Thanks @JayTee I was hoping to not have to load up on too much lead because of payload limitations of my Tundra, but it sounds like I was light in the bow to get the boat up to speed.
  6. Last night for the first time, we had 8 in the boat. No one really heavy and my youngest isn't even 100 pounds. Anyway.... 1. Had 150 lead in the bow, 200 in the rear lockers that I always leave in.. had about 380 pounds of people in the bow. 2. Deer Creek elevation about 5400" 3. Raptor 400 4. All Bags full 5. 23 Alpha 5. 3065 prop I really had trouble getting to surf speed and the wave won't form below 10.5 mph, just a bunch of white wash. I initially had the cruise set to 11.6 (what TBS recs for the alpha), but lowered it to 11.2 , but it really strug
  7. STUNNING! Cooler is bad ass too!
  8. I second this! That's a lot of coin, I'd demand a lake delivery and orientation. The little "tips" that only come with experience are invaluable. I wasn't even sure how far to dip the trailer for launch and retrieval. Between my initial lake delivery and tons of guidance from this forum, I somewhat look like I know what the hell I'm doing now. I'm a few months into ownership now and enough time has elapsed to initially determine if I made the right choice. I did. I would buy my boat again in a heartbeat and there are some dang good competitors out there. Welcome to the MB takeover
  9. I've never even used the cav plate whilst surfing. I may have to give it a shot tomorrow!
  10. It will be worth the wait. Zero regrets with choosing MB over some fierce competition. Thanks for the kind words. I was out at the lake the other day and it truly is an MB takeover. I must have seen half dozen MB’s the few hours we were there. please post pics when your boat arrives!!
  11. We were super satisfied with the JL system (we did get the 12" sub) when we got the boat. However, on the lake with the tranny screaming at surf speeds, its not as bad ass as I originally thought. More than enough for our fam tho.
  12. I think some are getting their units tuned by a local audio shop. I know TBS in Utah has a guy from DC Customs tune their systems before delivery. I would qualify the stock system as good to average, but definitely not the loudest boat on the lake. When I'm forced to pull tubes, I also use the pop up pylon!
  13. Great thread and some of it has been addressed in a thread by @oboyskibum If I eventually upgraded, a few things I’d like to see are: 1. 460 Motor option. The 575 is a little too rich for many people and having something beefier than than 440 in a boat that size would be nice for high elevation boats. 2. Battery switching without lifting up the seat. 3. it would be nice to have the larger hard tanks as the 22 Alpha. 4. Somehow soundproof it more to quiet the transmission. 5. Thruster option would be killer. (Out there I know) 6. Trash can that’s bigge
  14. Although awful..... I'd probably be on MB's boat and color configurator before the Highway Patrol even showed up...🤪 It's also a reminder to make sure you have your insurance coverage adjusted commensurate to the increase in boat values right now. So glad everyone was OK.
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