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  1. I only filled the right side and the boat sits level. Empty the right and fill the left and the boat lists to the left as expected.as expected. No lead or yeti's on board to counter the weight. I don't get it! I guess I need to put on the fake wake and manually inspect the tanks when filling. I suppose I can pull the broken gauges to see inside.
  2. Older B52 thats almost old enough to drink. 3 hard tanks...1 in the bow and two under the rear lockers. All were filling and emptying great last year. Now this summer the right rear tank doesn't seem to fill. The pump is flowing water and after about 10-12 minutes the overflow vent on the side of the boat start spewing water. The weird part is that the boat does not appear to sink on the right side at all. No water in the bilge so I don't think the tank leaking. Even if it was, I wouldn't expect the overflow to be working. The tanks should be full for the overflow to work right?
  3. I know this is really old but I have this exact boat and the same rattle/clanking. Any resolution? Mine happens only at idle speeds in gear. I'm going to attempt the repair my self. Anyone with any experience?
  4. Can you all help me with greasing the rudder box? Above someone mentions a grease zerk behind the ski pylon. Not seeing that, nor do I see a zerk at or around the rudder box. Also interested in changing the steering cable if anyone might know the part I need and the process. 03 B52 thanks!
  5. Just bought an 03 team edition. Very pleased with the boat and my bank account. Great boat!
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