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  1. Just the 2 batteries for now. I may add more if I get crazy with the stereo system.
  2. That's a good tip. Save some dash real estate that way too.
  3. That is a good idea. Thanks for sharing. I'll check out the Aqua website.
  4. I have a 2013 F21 too. Same comments from my wife. I'd be interested to see what it looks like installed if you're willing to post a picture. I was thinking of just getting an Atwood rope ladder and a carabiner and just clipping it to the tie down in the back. Not sure if that would work or not.
  5. Here's a question for those that polish the gelcoat and wax on their boats. I'll soon be tackling the cloudy areas of the gelcoat on my new to me boat and protecting it with a good wax. In the past on car's I've always just waxed and polished by hand and never used a polisher. This looks like a job to where I'd want to use a polisher. Does anyone have any good recommendations on polishers? Do I dare listen to the siren's call of the inexpensive polisher at HF or steer clear and just get a Portal Cable or Shurhold dual action orbital? Is it best just to leave this to professionals? Though
  6. Time for an update. I went at it with my multimeter and started checking continuity. All the cables are good and so is the switch. However the battery terminal that connects to #1 on the Perko is bad. The wires connect to a bolt on the terminal and nut secures them, it looks like that bolt is broken somewhere inside the battery terminal itself because I don't get any continuity. Rather than replace the batter terminal, I'm going to remove them all and connect the wires directly to the battery posts. I was looking at another post on here and saw a picture. It looks like MB Sports changed
  7. Batteries are both fresh and show 13 volts on the voltmeter. I keep them connected to a Norco too. What is the ideal way to connect these? Or even the factory correct way? Looking at a perko wiring diagram, what I have doesn't match that.
  8. Yeah, I've heard that too. It doesn't seem to be wired up that way though. The engine, radio, and amp seem to only work on one battery. The other battery just looks to turn on the head unit and that is it.
  9. Hellos, I have a 2013 F21 Tomcat that is new to me. I'm wondering if my batteries are wired up correctly or not. I'll set it to 1 on the Perko switch and I don't get the buzzer when I turn the key to on, the engine will not crank, and the Clarion turns on but no sound. If I flip the Perko to 2 or ALL, I get the buzzer when I turn the key to on, the engine cranks and starts, and the Clarion turns and there is sound out of the speakers. I also have some engine noise through the speakers when running but I figure some thing is not wired as it should. Since pictures are wort
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