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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I have an appointment at active in Oregon city on Tuesday to get some plug and play ballasts installed in my 2013 F21. From what I’ve read on the forums, and from just general use in my boat, bow weight is a must (even for stock ballast). Originally i was thinking 1000lb bags in the rear lockers, but after doing some reading, that seems like it may be overboard. I don’t have trim tabs on my boat, and after talking with some buddies, even 750lb bags, on top of the 900lb stock hard tanks may require tabs to get on plane. For the bow, what bags are people using up there? How much weight can you get in them, and is it adequate enough for the added weight in the rear? Were/are trim tabs necessary? With the added weight in the front, was your boat prone to porposing? I’ve had a few people up there, maybe 500lbs or so, and it makes the wake with the stock tanks great. I’m just unsure of a 500lb bag, with an additional 2-3 people up there. I understand that it WILL porpose under certain circumstances. I had a 2006 Ski centurion direct drive and the nose under NO weight sat so low to the water that any little wave would flood the bow. It would scare the sh!t out of my every time a huge roller would come near my boat. I love that my MB sits so high in the water, that’s one of the many reasons i chose it, but i don’t want to go back to constantly stressing about taking massive water over the bow with any small roller. I’m looking to get a clean, massive, consistent wake around 21.5. I’m not a fan of riding fast, as it’s more painful eating it on a failed tantrum or big 3. Also not a fan of the port side wake at slower speeds with it being constantly washed out. I’m re propping to the 2079 to help with the plaining/added weight. Any added setups, advice, conjecture is much appreciated. Just trying to make the right decision, as the install is pretty spending. Thanks in advance!
  2. This is the first surfing boat we've ever had. Before this we had a 1994 Malibu Echelon for slalom skiiing (which the MB is still great for btw), and we got the MB brand new in 2014. This is the first time we're trying to add aftermarket ballast, so we're new to all this and just bear with me! So I finally learned to surf without the rope, and I was using only 900 lbs of factory ballast. Now i'm researching and found out it's way easier when you have a bigger wake, wish I knew that before haha. So can someone help a girl out and explain exactly what type of ballast bags I should get, and where I should put them? A lot of places say to put it in the rear compartment near the engine, on one side, then others say to put it in the bow for a longer wave. Which is best? Do I do both? Should I have the dealership put them in/ consult me on this or is that unnecessary? Trying to be cost efficient. What ratio of factory ballast verse bag weight verse weight from people/gear did yall use? Trying not to sink the boat. I was looking at the ballast bags on https://www.wakemakers.com/wakeboard-ballast-bags?gclid=CIznlePQltQCFRiewAodOUMFWw is there a certain one yall have used for your MB and like? Are they easy to use/ could you fill up and drain quickly? Also, can someone explain exactly what play and plug is? Does my 2014 B52 21' have it? I saw that MB just added play and plug to their 2016 model, but on another thread on here someone said their 2014 has it. I understand that if we got ballast bags we would have to manually pump them to fill/drain, but with play n plug you hook the bags up and the boat does it for you....is that right? Also how necessary is it to get GSA plates, and what exactly do these do? We surf mainly in the summer, not year round, so if these are wildly expensive could we forgo them? We LOVE the MB and are excited to get a bigger, better wake. If you see in my picture, our wake right now is pitiful. Surfable, but difficult. I attached a picture that I found useful of where to put the bags, but it's not specific to B52 21 and it doesn't say how much weight I can have. The second picture is a screenshot from https://www.gosurfassist.com/boat-ballast-setup where it tells you only put 750s in the back and none in the front? I thought that was weird. Also it tells you to fill up "all the factory ballast", which would mean filling up both sides and from what I understand you only fill up one side? Again it tells you to put bags in both sides of rear which is weird to me. Any help much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. my first MB and want to dial in the wakeboard wake. what speed and weight is everyone running?
  4. Dear MBsports Members, Happy Holidays to everyone. About a month ago I posted asking for advice regarding the F24 vs the new B52. You gave lots of great advice. After a month of research we decided to go with the B52. Specs attached. We added an extra 1100lbs ballast per side. Upgraded to a 440 due to elevation. Can't wait to get it out on the water. I'm sure I'll be posting more in the future. It's nice to see an active forum where members participate and help each other out. Cheers, Scott
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