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Found 5 results

  1. Recently purchased a used 2000 MB Sports Boss 190 with the GM 350 5.7l V8. Took it out a few times now and each time it runs GREAT!.. for a while, but after about an hour, the motor starts loosing power while cruising. It Bogs down and if I don't pull the throttle back to idle or neutral, it dies. Starts right back up without hesitation and idles in gear just fine, but once the power loss starts (after an hour or so of operation), it wont maintain any speed above 1k RPM and will bog down again. I've replaced the fuel filter, low pressure fuel pump, high pressure fuel pump and spark plugs
  2. I have a 2007 F23 and am having an issue with water pooling up under the front cushions. I was reading in here where someone had talked to MB and they told them where to drill holes in each side to let the water drain to the back. Can someone help me and show me exactly where to drill holes?
  3. New to forum. Had a 2015 Mokmba Mondo sacked to 3600 with autoflow 2.0. Flawless motor and boat. Seen this sick looking boat one day and pulled up next to it on sand bar and couldn't get over the look of it. Well...just don't like the Jesse ventura in running man robot looking tower it had but that is fixed for 2017. The cutoff windshield...higher floor height...freeboard...new tower...this boat is sick and I get a raptor again. Was looking at a 2017 craz but that bow doesn't compare to the tomcat. Only thing I hate on all the moomba boats isbthe wakeboard wake has some lip and yo
  4. Whien I hit the switch surf button the starboard side surf gate tab fully engaged and is now almost pressed against the boat. Any ideas to reverse this ?
  5. Hi Everyone, Brand new just bought a holdover 2014 F22 tomcat. Got my 10 hours on it and started playing with surfing this weekend. I DO NOT have the surf system just the cav plate. Would love some advice on getting a better wake with some push. I am looking for at least the rest of this season to stay stock if possible.. I live in Montana and don't have months to go. I tried starting with both stock tanks full and couldn't get a clean wake at all, no matter what did with the cav plate. Switched to just the left tank full and cav plate about 50% down and cleaned up nice and cou
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