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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 2013 F24. I am considering buying bags and a removable surf tab. I do not want to spend $3999 for a surf system. Can any one help me with a set up or any other ideas to throw a good wake with this boat?
  2. Phase 5 hammerhead 53" length Board has three blemishes that have been repaired (nose, tail, and left rail) but is water tight and in good condition. $400 plus shipping from 35053
  3. Finally got the courage and filled both my 1100's and threw them in the rear lockers. Had both at at least 1000lbs with both stocks full (5000lbs). Had two buddies sitting in bow (400lbs). Took about 10 seconds for wave to form. Craziest wave I have ever surfed. My friend has a 2015 MC X30 and the wave can not even compete with this. I am wondering if any one on here is running anything like this. Wave was fairly clean but want to get it flawless. If you have a 2015 with switch surf i recommend trying this out. I will get some pictures up here by Friday or Saturday.
  4. This is really a two part question on Perfect Pass. Boat is 2008 220V with PP Digital Pro. It's generally me surfing with my wife driving. As I add more weight to the boat she says the PP is all over the place. I experienced it first hand last weekend when I was finally at the wheel pulling other riders. I know there are some tuning options that should help as the boat gets heavier. Has anybody successfully tuned theirs and have some recommendations on settings? Second part of the question is will the GPS upgrade remedy all of this and hold a speed even under heavily weighted surfing
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