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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for some info on how everyone travels long distance . Boat cover on or off? Tower up or down? Thank you in advance for info!!
  2. I currently have a 2012 B52 23V and love the boat. Our first boat was a Centurion Elite V, and the B52 was a massive upgrade. I love the look, wakeboard wake is great, and it surfs really well. I added 1100s to the rear lockers, and a 400# bag in the nose. I get a steep wave that is easy to surf, but it isn't as long as some boats I have seen. Goofy wave is really nice. I now have 430 trouble free hours on the boat, but am starting to get new boat fever. I really liked the value proposition of the 2012, which made it easy to spend the money to upgrade. Looking at the 2017s, the cost of MBs have risen quite a bit. It now looks like the Supreme S238 is probably the best value boat available. Reviews say the surf wave is impressive, but wakeboard wake may not be as good as my B52. I am not as fond of the Supreme styling, and really like the look of the 2017 MB tower and gel schemes. Has anyone on the forum demo'd both the new B52 and the S238? Any thoughts on switching? I really love my MB, but I don't think I am willing to step up to $90K for a new boat.
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