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Prop 2022 B52 23' for wakeboarding


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Just finished breaking in my 2022 B52 23'. Loving the boat! We do quite a bit of wakeboarding and the fuel consumption is a bit troublesome. We are burning ~8 gallons per wakeboarding set currently about 30 minutes. This is an average from trips that consisted of putting in, cruising about 10 minutes to our spot, filling ballasts, doing 3 sets and cruising back and pulling boat out. We are at 3800 RPMs with full front hard tank and half in the rear hard tanks.. We are only doing short trips right now but during the summer we will do 6 to 9 sets and then afterwards we'll surf, skate tube etc... Even with a 65 gallon tank I think we may not have enough fuel for the whole day. Our old 21' B52 would burn less than half that amount of fuel and the 35 gallon tank would last all day. I was hoping the new raptor would be a bit more efficient.

I'm looking for ways to improve fuel efficiency. Currently the boat has a 2247 prop. Looks like wakemakers suggests a 2277. Anyone with a 2018+ B52 23' with the 400 raptor with a more high speed prop? Any thoughts on the 2277?


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So I've been averaging about 15 gallons for the same trips for the last 3 trips out. Not sure why our earlier trips seem to be consuming more fuel. Maybe we were just having more fun then I thought :)

15 gallons for our short 2-3 hour trips is reasonable. That should allow us to get through a full day. May not need a different prop. I haven't heard that the 2277 or any of the bigger diameter props would be a good fit for us. It would be nice to get some more top end and lower the RPMs while surfing and wakeboarding though.

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