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Picked up the new Alpha

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Here are some more interior pics.  I'm not missing a speaker, I'm working on some custom stuff I'll share later.  I did add the side pull points that another user on this forum installed.  Thanks to him for suggestion!


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I was doing the side tow points but I'm also working on mounting a flag holder.  I love old glory and she has to fly on this boat too!  It's really challenging to get a flag holder to mount right on this tower the way I want it.  I've seen some put them on the surf racks but I want to be able to fly it even when I'm surfing.  I'll see if I can find the link to that thread for the side tow point.


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You bet.  Sorry I didn't take pictures of the install.  I know that gentleman in the link I provided took some photos.  Here is the part.  It's sold on Uptice.com


You will have to cut about a 1/4 inch off the bolt but other than that works fine.  

1.  If you have four speakers, you'll have to remove the bottom one on each side.

2. Then you remove the tower skin on the sides (about 10-12 little bolts)

3. That will expose 4 large threaded bolt holes that fit the side tow point bolt.

4. I threaded the bolt in the top stern side bolt hole and then threaded the bolt in

5. I put the skin loosely on and gently pressed the skin against the bolt to mark the hole.  

6. I drilled the hole (this doesn't have to be perfect because the tow point will hide any small mistakes

7. Put skin back on but start the bolt for the side tow point before tightening down the skin.

The whole job took me about an hour.  It helps to have two people when marking the holes.  


NOTE!:  When I took off my tower speakers, I found that the factory had hooked one of them up backwards.  It made me check them all.  I also found that my tower was missing bolts.  My 2014 was as well.  I'm not sure how that happens but might want to check all of that.  

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