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***Prop decision!!! Weigh in please

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I’ve got a 2014 F22. Currently has a 1235 prop on it.  I bought the boat at the end of last season and only got a few rides on it.  I felt like it struggled out of the hole a bit (surfing) and I only had 4 people on board with stock 1800# ballasts.  
Checked here for prop guidance : https://www.wakemakers.com/mb-sports-wakeboard-boat-propellers

Looks like I should probably be using the 1615 or 2079.  My lake is at 2500ft elevation, and I’m adding approx 1600# more in ballast (3400 lbs total in ballast) and usually have 10 people in the boat.

 Which prop should I upgrade to?

 Thx guys

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Absolutely go with the 2315 over the 2079. You will thank me later. Also I would rethink running bags that big if you are running a crew that large. Especially at some altitude. Remember that people are ballast too. If you are running a small crew big bags help. If running a large crew you will probably have to dump some water to get up to surf speed even with a good prop. You will just have to find that sweet spot. 

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@Hyperryd hey man thanks for the reply. 

This is the first time I've shopped for a prop.  Looks like the prop you are suggesting is 15" (vs the 14.5" that is on it now).  That would mean it should be about 1/4" closer to the hull.  Here's a pic of my current prop... its already pretty close.  If I go with the bigger prop, do I need to worry about gel coat burn, or should this still be OK at this new diameter?  

Also, just to confirm, you would go with the 2315 over both the 1615 or 2079?  

1235 prop.png

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