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I’m gathering parts for slapping our f21 and looking for input on the shape of the gates. I’ve read quite a few threads about it and seen pictures but they all seem a bit different. I found this pic with dimensions and wondering your thoughts about it. I will be doing a cardboard mock up before I cut them out but looking for a starting point. Also probably a stupid question but the flat side is the bottom and tapered side will be the top in the pic? 


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that's the exact template i used for my boat and they work great.  when you install them, start by making the top of the gate parallel to the platform.  due to some wave interference i'm moving mine up 1/2" and shortening them maybe 2" in the off-season, but otherwise they work great.  i ordered the HDPE from USPlastic.com, two of the 3/4" thick x 12" x 24" Black Seaboard sheets.

pic of them on my boat:



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